Hey, celiac soul sister, your supermarket shopping is gearing up for a serious makeover thanks to the FDA’s new rules about gluten-free food labels. Whether going sans-gluten is a trend you’re sticking to or a ‘script the doctor has written out for you, here are five things about this week’s rulings that you need to know — and then keep scrolling because we are hooking you up with over 80 recipes for the gluten-free goddesses and gods that you all are.

1. There will now be one standard definition for “gluten-free.” That means food companies can no longer slap it on their products to jump on the breadless bandwagon.

2. Now, any food that has the “gluten-free” label has to contain a teeny tiny, basically undetectable amount (less than 20 parts per million) of gluten.

3. Still be careful, anything without gluten (even things that are BAD 4 U) can add a twinkling gluten-free label to their cans and boxes. But by now, you know that gluten-free does not mean, nor never has it meant calorie or fat free.

4. The same rules don’t apply (yet) to restaurants. The FDA strooongly suggests that your favorite takeout or sitdown menus comply with these new standards, but they’re not enforcing this just yet. Take care with your next gluten-free muffin…

5. 11% of U.S. households are following a gluten-free diet (whoa!) even if only 25% of them do it solely because of celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.

Bonus: 83 Gluten-Free Recipes!

All this food label talk is making you hungry, right? From breakfast to dinner and evvvvvery munchie in between, here are 83 ways to whip up something gluten-free at home!

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Are you gluten-free? Is it because of a gluten sensitivity or do you do it just ’cause? Will this change how you shop? Share your thoughts + any good gluten-free recipes or blogs with us below!