You want to charge your phone using a solar panel? Good for you! Solar energy is clean, efficient and plentiful. There’s just one problem. Cloudy days will be the death of your phone. To charge with solar power day and night, you need a portable battery to hold all that power you so diligently soak up. And these new batteries, by solar-focused company Goal Zero, are designed to help you charge up no matter where you are. Yes, that means in the middle of a rainstorm in Seattle or behind your dreary desk all day.

The Goal Zero power packs combine the sustainability of solar with the ability to take your power anywhere with you. One of the new packs, called the Venture 30, will even keep working if you accidentally leave it out in the rain or drop it in the tub. Waterproof and super strong, the packs can also charge a smartphone three times over or power up a tablet by half.

While the packs are mainly intended for people on the go who simply can’t live without a charged phone, the panels also have some smart implications for safety. Being able to charge a GPS, flashlight or medical device in the middle of an emergency can come in extremely handy if your power is out. Goal Zero is also bringing power to homes off the grid or without stable electricity.

If you want to power up your own devices or just want to contribute to this super cool company, you can purchase any of their battery packs online. Happy charging!

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