When you’re as attached to your devices as we are, a dead battery is a total bummer. While we try to save battery when we can, inevitably we’re caught out-and-about without a charge. We’ve talked about portable chargersbefore, but we’re impressed with the new ones that have been popping up on our radar lately. So we’ve rounded up 10 new (and some surprising!) ways to keep your devices powered up while you’re out and about.

1. Buckle Charger: This is a portable smartphone battery that doubles as a belt buckle, so you can literally have it on you whenever you need it. And no worries: the battery unclips from the buckle, so you don’t have to unbuckle your pants every time you need a charge! We’re loving the multi-functionality of this gadget. There’s still about a month left on its Kickstarter campaign, so be sure to head over and pledge if you want one of your own.

2. ChargeLight: Yet another Kickstarter standout, this is a flashlight that doubles as a charger for all your devices, including your smartphone and tablets. We’re loving how helpful this could be when you run out of power due to weather! Just make sure to keep it charged so it can be there when you need it.

3. uNu iPhone 5 Battery Case: This sleek case protects your phone while giving it a 100% power boost. We’re counting this one as a win. There’s also a case available for the iPhone 4, if that’s your jam.

4. Tylt Energi: Not only can this charge any USB powered device, it can also hook you up for any Lightning Cable or mini-USB device. If you’re just using it for emergencies, it’ll hold its charge for a year, so feel free to charge it up and then stash it away for when you really need it.

5. Innergie Pocket Charger: This pocket charger is well-designed and while it would look great alongside your white iPhone, it can charge any USB device. Its Smart Charge function allows you to charge your devices fast, and its energy-saving function will keep your portable battery charged up by turning it to sleep mode when it’s been idle for ten seconds.

6. myCharge Hub: This is basically your portable charge-everything station. It’s compatible with lots of different devices, including the iPhone 5, and can charge up to three devices at once. So you can get your phone, tablet, and music device all charged up while you’re waiting for your flight!

7. The Adventurer: This battery is designed for ultra-high capacity, and it delivers. It can charge most smartphones 2-4x and most tablets up to 50% on a full charge. This one was successfully funded over on Kickstarter not too long ago, and is now available for purchase.

8. The Voltmaker: This little guy uses your kinetic energy to power up your smartphone. Using one hand, you just flick your wrist to generate power to make a call or listen to a song or two. It also has its own battery, so you can get a little power to your device even when you’re not quite in the mood to generate it yourself.

9. MagicStick: External batteries aren’t exactly the prettiest devices on the market — function takes precedence over beauty here. Luckily for the techie fashionista, power and pretty come together with the MagicStick, a portable charger that fits in with your wardrobe. Buy the lot and match them to your outfits; we won’t judge.

10. Flex Pocket Charger: In case the name didn’t give it away, this one is designed to fit in your pocket. In addition to being super small and portable, it packs a major punch: it can charge iPhone 5 up to 125%. And for you Android users, this is also available for your phones!

How do you keep yourself powered up when you’re on-the-go? Are there any epic battery-saving tricks or gadgets we need to know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on Facebook.