There鈥檚 an old saying that goes, 鈥淭he day you forget your umbrella is the day it rains鈥 鈥 or something like that. However it goes, these umbrellas are so adorable that you would never forget to bring any one of them along with you. And when you鈥檙e sporting one of these 鈥榚llas, you鈥檒l be wishing, hoping and praying that it rains every loving day long.

1. Red Cut Out Lips Kensington Umbrella ($55): This Lulu Guinness original adds a little sass to any rainy-day wardrobe, and you can get a good look at those gray clouds through the lip-shaped windows.

2. Color Changing Umbrella ($35): The raindrops on this umbrella are printed with a special ink that鈥檚 white when it鈥檚 dry. Once it gets wet, the raindrops come to life in a rainbow of color.

3. French Bulldog Umbrella ($30): Show the world how much you love your Frenchie! Even if you鈥檙e not a Frenchie parent, there鈥檚 no denying their cuteness.

4. Walking Stick Umbrella ($154): Inspired by Islamic geometric art, this umbrella is not only stylish, but high-brow to boot. Take a little art with you on those rainy days.

5. Starlet Umbrella ($30): If you have a habit of twirling your umbrella over your should, you might want to be careful with this one. You might hypnotize the people walking behind you.

6. Cumulus Cutie Umbrella ($30): Reminisce about the days when your skies were filled with white, fluffy cumulus clouds with this umbrella. If you only look straight up, you might even forget that the gray skies.

7. Red Anchor Umbrella ($18): Show off your love for the city known for its fog and clouds. When you carry this umbrella, not only will it be easy to find you in a crowd, but everyone will know the city you love most.

8. Lady Bug Umbrella ($39): Not only is this umbrella cute enough to make anyone smile on a rainy day, but it also has a built-in windproof mechanism, so there won鈥檛 be anything getting you down.

9. Doodle Print Umbrella ($40): Remember when the sky was blue? Add a little color to your day with this fashion-forward umbrella embellished with doodles by Marc Jacobs.

10. Goggles Umbrella ($56): Keep your whole head dry and see where you鈥檙e going with this inventive umbrella. Who knows, it might even inspire your own How I Met Your Mother story.

11. Pieni Unikko Umbrella ($69): Marimekko is famous for flower prints, and what better way to show them off than over your shoulder. Brighten up your day and everyone else鈥檚 when you carry this umbrella.

12. Grasshopper Umbrella ($39): Who says it needs to be raining to show off an adorable umbrella? Protect yourself on the sunniest of days with this umbrella made of nylon with ultraviolet protection.

13. Color Wheel Stick Umbrella ($40): If you still manage to have this umbrella open when the rain鈥檚 over, don鈥檛 be surprised if you hear someone say, 鈥淒ude, it鈥檚 a double rainbow!鈥 No one ever said the rainbow had to be in the sky to count.

14. Panda-monium Umbrella ($17): Bao Bao, is that you? Carry an umbrella that gives even the cutest, most famous baby panda a run for his adorableness.

15. Rain Check Umbrella ($38): Those clear bubble umbrellas are genius. But even more genius is posting a message on one that shows everyone your true feelings about the day. We don鈥檛 blame you; we鈥檇 need a rain check, too.

Got a favorite umbrella we鈥檝e got to see? Show us in the comments below! Or even better, tell us how you manage to remember it鈥