You know what your home needs? Gold! Whether you’re decorating for a wedding, sprucing things up for a dinner party, or just feel like channeling your inner King Midas, these gold-dipped vases are a simple way to go for… the gold! :)

 white bud vases

white ceramic tumblers

white utensil holder

– painter’s tape (we love Frog)

gold spray paint

First off, we bought a bunch of inexpensive vases, mugs, and a utensil holder over on Amazon. Now it’s time to paint!

Use painter’s tape to cover the section of your vase that you want to remain white. Keep wrapping until the whole white part is covered.

For larger pieces, you might want to use Saran wrap or a plastic bag to cover up the bulk of the part that you want to keep white. This way you won’t waste tons of painter’s tape.

Now… spray! We can’t get enough of our gold spray paint. Spray 2 coats and let dry for about 20 minutes.

And now comes the satisfying part. Peel off that tape and woohoo! Clean lines, gilded vases, and the whole shebang.

Add a few berry-like buds, leaves, and you’ve got a gorgeous little scene.

What are your go-to projects for a quick spruce up? Talk to us in the comments below.