google io 2015

Every day there’s something new happening in the world of tech and today it just happened to be a big one. Google big. Google I/O, the two-day dev conference is where Google announces their latest products for developers to play with and work on before they’re all in the hands of the public. The biggest attraction is the keynote on day one. Last year there were plenty of updates for us to go crazy over, but we think 2015 may have beaten all the debuts from the past. Check out 10 of the most promising products + wow-worthy moments below.

1. Inbox for Everyone: After a long invite-only period for the so-much-more-than-just-an-email app, the company announced today it’s finally available for everyone! Now! Hurry, go DL it for Android and iOS!

2. Android M: The next operating system to rival Apple’s iOS was discussed at today’s conference. Though only partially available for developers starting now, with a release for the public later this year, it looks to be packed with some pretty special features. The highlights = Google Wallet will be replaced with Android Pay on all devices, ready for you to purchase anything and everything at more than 700,000 stores. Additionally, a new battery-saving feature called Doze also made its intro today. When turned on, Doze will save the battery life of your phone by running a low amount of processes, all depending on motion detection. Now that’s a smart phone.

3. Android Wear: New features coming to the wearable include one of the most creative emoji support functions we’ve ever seen. You’ll be able to doodle the emoji you want and it will be translated into its digital counterpart for you to send. Bonus shoutout goes to gesture and voice recognition for apps like Uber. Need a car? Simply say “Okay Google, call me a car” and a driver will come pick you up.

google io 2015

4. Google + GoPro = Google Jump: This 360-degree, 16-camera array will be a part of the tech giant’s new Jump virtual reality ecosystem. The GoPro rig will make it easier for YouTubers to create VR content than ever before.

5. Google Now: Google’s version of Siri is about to get a smarter and more whole-phone incorporation with “Now on Tap.” The virtual assistant will now be able to work with a variety of your phone’s apps to find pertinent info relating to your life and its events. For example, if you’ve got an email from a friend asking you to go to a concert, the phone will pull up the band or musician’s info and the venue’s deets all with one single click so you can make a fast, informed decision.

6. Google Photos App: This revamped Google Photos app will now come with room for an unlimited amount of photos and videos for free, tools for organizing all those memories in a timeline or the ability to group them by locations or people. Available today, Apple’s Photos better be a little scared. DL it for your Android and iOS devices asap.

7. Google Maps: The biggest news is you’ll be able to run features like search and navigation offline. No more worrying about spotty connection!


8. HBO Now: For all you Android purists that considered switching allegiance for the broadcasting service, no need to anymore as it was announced today the standalone streamer will be coming to Android devices. There’s just one hold up, no set date yet. UGH!

9. The Family Store: Now the Google Play Store has a section devoted to all the tech-saavy kids in our lives without having to worry about them stumbling on something they shouldn’t. Select the age range you want their little eyes seeing and let them DL ’til they drop (just not their device).


10. Google Cardboard: Now there’s a new version of this virtual reality simulator that conveniently fits all those bigger phones that debuted throughout the past year. Better yet, iOS users can easily get in on the DIY VR action via the previously Android only Cardboard app. The fun isn’t only for adults either as the Expeditions app allows teachers to lead their students on virtual reality field trips. Can we go back to grade school?

What are your favorite Google I/O announcements? Let us know in the comments.