The season of graduation caps, gowns and parties is *finally* upon us. Whether you are wrapping up school for good or saying farewell (for now!) to some of your squad, there is a bit of bittersweet in this celebration. What better way to show your love than with a sweet or punny card? Paired with the perfect graduation gift, this sentiment will sum up everything from how proud you are of what they’ve accomplished to how excited you are for what the future has in store. Scroll on for some of our faves below that say a whole lot with just a little.

The Social Type Bright Future Card

1. The Social Type Bright Future Card ($6): No doubt they’re one of the hardest workers you’ve ever met. If there’s nothing your girl can’t do, remind them with an encouraging card that features silver holographic words that are as bright as their future.


2. The Print Room You’re a Gem Card ($5): Your BFF has stuck with you through thick and thin, and they’ve proven time and again that they’ve got your back. Let them know how valuable you think they are with this card that lets them know their worth: priceless!

Cool Shades Graduation Card

3. Smudge Ink Cool Shades Card ($5): If there’s one thing you can’t deny about your bestie, it’s that they’re just so freakin’ cool. They ooze confidence and pretty much rock at everything they do. Now that school’s out, you *have* to give them this card.

E-gift card 2

4. Urban Outfitters 2016 E-Gift Card ($25+): This two-in-one e-gift card is the best thing you can give your BFF, especially if they’re a fan of Urban Outfitters merch. In other words, you’re letting them pick out the perfect gift for themselves. A win-win.

E-gift card

5. Urban Outfitters Congrats E-Gift Card ($25+): Same goes for this alternative Urban Outfitters e-card. Opt for this version if it embodies the level of enthusiasm you feel for them.

enjoy the journey

6. Minted Enjoy the Journey Card ($6): It’s not so much the destination but the journey that matters most in the end. If you always have to remind them to stop and smell the flowers, this cheery card might do the trick.

forget all the things

7. ClassyCardsCreative Forget All the Things Card ($5): If the destination (graduation) is all that matters to them, then this card is the one to get. Done with school forever? Forget all the things!

fucking well done

8. PurposeandWorthetc Well Done Card ($4): You both aren’t strangers to colorful language. So why not convey your sense of enthusiasm with an expletive or two? Hey, the occasion demands it.

2016 card

9. PaperThinStudio 2016 Graduation Card ($4): You can never go wrong with a simple and classic graduation card. If your BFF loves both of those things, you’ve just found the card for them.

gold foil congratulations card

10. The Print Room Congratulations Card With Gold Foil ($5): Offer your congratulations with this standout gold foil card. They’re sure to appreciate how fancy it is, especially when they let everyone know it was their BFF who sent it.


11. Iron Curtain Press Nerd Card ($5): Whatever their accomplishments — whether it’s graduating from a top-tier school, getting a 4.0 or graduating with honors — congratulate them the right way.

Great job card

12. Paper Luxe Great Job Card ($5): Sometimes, strong language is the best way to convey exactly how you feel. If you feel strongly about how amazing your friend is and how far they’ve come, then let them know how great of a job they’re doing.

Iron Curtain Press

13. Iron Curtain Press High Five Cactus ($5): Verging on semi-creepy and really cute, this hand-shaped cactus is just the graduation card your quirky BFF would appreciate. Mailing it will do until you get to see and greet them with non-stop high fives.

journey of life

14. Minted Trust Your Instincts Card ($6): Whenever your bestie is faced with tough decisions, they call you and you tell them to trust their gut. If that’s the one thing you want them to hold on to, let them know with this card.

Pie Chart Graduation Card

15. Smudge Ink Pie Chart Card ($5): Add a little humor to your congrats with this cheeky pie chart card. It’s sure to turn any uncertainty they may feel into something you can both laugh about.

ready set go

16. Wild Ink Press Ready, Set, Go Card ($5): With school finally out of the way, they can get a move on pursuing their dream job! Get them revved and ready to go with this exciting graduation card.

smart cookie

17. Wild Ink Press Smart Cookie Card ($5): They’ve done it. They graduated and proven themselves to everyone that they’re one smart cookie. Offer your sincere congrats with this sweet and punny graduation card.

smarty pants

18. Atiliay Smarty Pants Card ($5): If your “smarty pants” nickname for them stuck with them all through school, then this card is the next best alternative for a brainy friend. Plus, the simple black and white card keeps it classy for the friend with minimalist taste.

you rock card

19. Paper Freckles You Totally Rock Card ($4): You and your BFF love your puns, so give ‘em one of the ol’ classics with this card. It’s sure to put a smile on their face.

youre gonna rocket

20. Paper Freckles You’re Gonna Rocket Card ($4): Here’s another witty card to get them pumped for what’s to come. Send them positive vibes by letting them know that they’re gonna totally rock it.

Awesome Sauce Card

21. Papyrus Awesome Sauce Card ($6): Your best girl is awesome. Her graduating is also awesome. Send her this all-around awesome card to sum up all the awe you feel.

Social Media Grad Card

22. Papyrus Social Media Card ($6): Although your schools may have been miles apart, it’s like you were right next to them the whole time, social media-wise. If you’re always liking all of their posts and pictures, there’s no card more fitting for them than this giant social media “like” that lets them know what’s up.

Which graduation card will you get for your BFF? Check us out on Pinterest for more graduation gift ideas!

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