Like a true DIYer, you know how to channel your creativity to help you celebrate your achievements, so crafting your way through graduation is no exception. Sure, it may seem like your decisions are only getting tougher 鈥 figuring out聽whether or not to聽take a gap year聽or scouring LinkedIn for the聽best jobs for a recent grad, for instance 鈥 but聽don鈥檛 forget to live for the moment and celebrate your achievements. The best (and most Insta-worthy) way to channel your creativity is by聽DIYing聽your graduation cap. Scroll聽down聽for inspo that鈥檒l get those creative juices flowing and help you sum up those golden years,聽all on a pretty, square cap.


1.聽DIY Graduation Cap Messages: Use printable vinyl to print out a fun, cheeky phrase of your choice. If the phrase 鈥淗ire Me鈥 hits a little close to home, just give a shoutout to your mom, for helping you get this far.

(via Studio DIY)

2. Thank聽Your #1 Supporters: Show how much you appreciate the most supportive parents ever by thanking them publicly on your graduation cap. Whether you showcase your calligraphy skills by turning out this lovely hand-lettered grad cap or opt for fail-safe sticker letters, that鈥檚 up to you.

Raine Ferrin Chanel

3.聽No. 1 Valedictorian: Inspired by Chanel, this classy cap upgrades the drab graduation cap into one that鈥檚 absolutely fab-u-lous.聽Go black and white for a聽classic look or opt for聽a floral print like this one to stand out amongst the crowd. (via Raine Ferrin / Pinterest)

4. Favorite Pastime: If 鈥榳ine-ing鈥 made it onto your list of favorite recreational activities, consider seeking inspo from this cap鈥檚 clever play on words. With your studies nearly over with, there鈥檚 one less thing to聽keep you from enjoying that celebratory glass.

5.聽Follow Your Dreams: Henry David Thoreau said it best: 鈥淐onfidence is key when pursuing your dreams.鈥 Don鈥檛 be afraid of the future 鈥 embrace it!

6.聽Potterhead: You鈥檝e stirred up plenty of trouble during your time in Hogw 鈥 err, college. Now that it鈥檚 coming to an end, pay tribute to the inspiration behind your mischievousness with a grad cap inspired by the infamous Marauders.

7.聽Future > Past: This聽C.S. Lewis quote has a special place in your聽heart 鈥 his books pretty much raised you, after all 鈥 so pay tribute with a decorated grad cap. If the prospect of finishing school is bittersweet, remind yourself of the 鈥渂etter things ahead鈥 to keep you moving forward.

8. Have Courage: Love all things Disney? Quote the man himself on your grad cap. After all, he has the perfect recipe for making dreams come true: courage + perseverance.

9. Wanderlust: If traveling abroad is a part of your postgrad itinerary, decorate your cap with a map of where you鈥檙e headed. It鈥檒l give your peers a major case of #wanderlust envy.

10. Your Own Motto: You鈥檝e worked your butt off through school and it鈥檚 finally paid off. Show how proud you are of your well-earned accomplishments by putting a twist on the classic Nike鈥檚 motto.

11. Let the Journey Begin: If you鈥檙e not sure whether to be excited about your next journey or anxious about getting there, remember that it鈥檚 all about perspective: School was only the beginning. Share your positive mindset and sense of adventure聽with this creative design.

12.聽Money on My Mind: Every go-getter鈥檚 got an end goal. If yours is stacks-on-stacks, make sure your cap says what鈥檚 on your mind. Git dat money!

13. Area of Focus: Puns are the best, especially when they can accurately sum up your #studylife. If you鈥檙e just as relieved as this graduate was when they finished their Bachelor of Science degree, consider using their punny cap to inspire yours.

14.聽Cat Lady: Well, a girl can dream. Embrace your love for all things cats with a graduation cap inspired by 鈥榚m. In all seriousness, maybe 鈥渃at lady鈥 can be like, a part-time thing.

15. MakeNew聽Dreams: Channel your favorite Disney princess film and create this #Tangled inspired graduation cap. Use a purple backdrop, glittery gold card stock and floral stickers for a finishing touch.

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