There are many reasons why we love iconic photographer Gray Malin. Between his cheery beach scenes and gorgeous global shots, every image feels like an IRL getaway. So when we heard he was launching a new art series with The Beverly Hills Hotel, we were ready to pack our bags and head to LA. The collection features lots of colorful pool shots, plenty of millennial pink, and all the timeless Hollywood glamour you’d expect to see in a throwback to Tinseltown. In anticipation of the October 16 debut, we caught up with the artist in an exclusive interview. Scroll down to get the scoop on the entire Gray Malin at The Beverly Hills Hotel collection.

Brit + Co: What inspired you to shoot The Beverly Hills Hotel?

Gray Malin: I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 12 years now, and I still get excited every time I visit The Beverly Hills Hotel. The history of the property and its numerous legendary guests really made shooting on location extremely special. The red-carpet entry, perfectly manicured grounds, perennial banana leaf wallpaper, and glimpse of celebrity make every visit to the hotel feel like I am walking onto a movie set.

There are many iconic places in Los Angeles, but I think of The Beverly Hills Hotel as one of the few locations that is a true destination in the city.

Gray Malin New Launch 2

B + C: Your shots always give us a serious dose of creative inspo! What was your game plan for shooting this collection?

GM: The series is my personal interpretation of the “Golden Era” — filled with attractive characters in vintage wardrobe and props from the 1950s and 1960s designed to capture the essence of my timeless muse, the hotel itself. My goal was to capture the spirit of the property, as well as challenge myself by expanding more into the realm of stylized photographs using props and people in candid yet staged moments.

B + C: How did you make this collab feel unique from all of the other ones you’ve worked on?

GM: It is my largest shoot to date, as well as the first that incorporates an elevated level of production. This is evident in the meticulously staged sets and vignettes and period-specific props as well as wardrobe. As for the hotel, this is the first time a professional fine art photographer was permitted to shoot on location at the property.

This series is most similar to my Gray Malin at the Coral Casino collection, which was also shot at a historic property and pays homage to the 1960s resort lifestyle, transporting viewers to the poolside glamour of yesteryear at the members-only historic landmark along the beloved California coast.

Gray Malin New Launch 3

B + C: If there was one image you’d hang in your own home, which one would it be?

GM: I love the images captured in the driveway and entrance of the hotel, in front of the hotel’s iconic signage. The feeling evoked when you’ve just arrived at an incredible destination and are about to spend the day relaxing by the pool, enjoying the scene, and taking in all the beauty that is The Beverly Hills Hotel.

(Psst! If you’re LA-based, be sure to stop by The Beverly Hills Hotel where the series will be showcased until October 26.)

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(Photos via Gray Malin)