We know it’s early, but we’re already super excited for Re:Make. We’ve been making lists of all the rad maker booths we want to stop by and all the great goodies we want to pick up on September 12! If last year was any indication, it’s going to be a VERY long list. Check out some of our favorite items for sending out snail mail.

If you haven’t signed up for Re:Make yet, now is your chance! It’s happening on Saturday, September 12th at Fort Mason here in San Francisco. Register for your FREE ticket right here. Now, let’s talk greeting cards!

1. Rustic Better Than an Email card ($4): We’re all for sending more snail mail, and it doesn’t get cuter than a rustic handmade card. We love this one from the folks at Paperlaced.

2. Emoji THX Card ($5): We are totally using this card to get in our daily dose of emojis. Kissy faces, diamonds and bomb emojis galore!

3. Frankly You’re Great Card ($4): A punny way to tell someone how super awesome they are.

4. Thank You Postcard ($2): You really can never have too many thank you cards. This classic is from our friends at The Weekend Press.

5. Desert Island ($5): This is the best way to answer that burning question: “Who would you want with you on a desert island?” Let them know that they are way better than a volleyball named Wilson.

6. Pizza My Heart ($5): To show someone how much you REALLY care, let them know they outrank your favorite food group. That’s big love right there!

7. I Love You to the Moon ($5): For a card that is truly outta this world (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves), pick up this interstellar ‘’to the moon and back’’ love card.

8. I Donut Know What I Would Do Without You ($4): This card is totally for that friend that you just don’t think you could function without (aka the one that picks up your favorite soup when you’re sick and knows exactly how you like your coffee).

9. Greetings, Dear Friend Card Set ($16): How cute is this Dear Friend card set? It’s a fun way to get in your quick hi, hello, how are you…

10. Daily Lunch Debate ($5): It can be really hard to say goodbye to a work buddy, so why not send them off with a card that lets them know just how much you are going to miss your daily battle for where to eat lunch?

Haven’t registered for Re:Make yet? Be sure to snag your FREE ticket here!

What are your favorite types of greeting cards to send out? Share with us in the comments below!