We all probably wonder what we’d look like with different hair colors — especially those of us who aren’t big on dyeing our hair. There’s also the matter of the classic “you always want what you can’t have” issue: blondes wanting a taste of the dark (brunette) side, brunettes wanting to see if blondes really do have more fun, etc. It makes sense why some hair color hopefuls are just that — hopefuls — and not fully rocking their dream color yet. What if we told you that you could now rock a slew of different shades without actually taking the plunge and breaking out the bleach?

That’s where the new Matrix Color Lounge app (free on iOS and Android) comes in. The app, released today (yay!), was made by the folks at Matrix, a branch of L’Oreal, and ModiFace, a company that’s killing it in the augmented reality for beauty industry. Crazy-cool technology (and a really intense mathematical model) actually allow you to try over 200 different hair colors and 10 different effects. That’s right, you can finally see how a blonde ombre or red dip dye would look on you without fully committing to the hair coloring process. This is a huge help when we’re second guessing spending big bucks at the salon on a hair color that we’re iffy about.


Here’s how it works: An artificially intelligent image processing method (made specifically for your locks) recognizes your hair, analyzes it and then manipulates it with hair colors and effects you’re interested in trying on. You simply choose which colors you want to rock, sit back and let the wonderful magic happen. Just don’t forget to have this app fired up at your hair appointment next month ;)

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(Photos + videos via Matrix)