Superhero hair, mermaid hair, colombré, reverse ombré, whatever Kylie Jenner’s latest ‘do of the week is. Seems like you can’t turn around these days without running into a new hair trend. Why? Because people love changing up their hair (change your hair, change your life, amirite?) The hottest new trend in coif dyeing is being pioneered by NYC hair colorist Chiala Marvici and it’s called hand-pressed coloring — or glass hair coloring. Not only does it cut the amount of time you need to sit in a stylists chair IN HALF, but when you see the results, you’re going to want to book an appointment at the salon ASAP.


The technique involves a sheet of plexiglass and a flat putty knife. The hair dyes are painted directly onto the glass in whatever design you’d like — Chiala uses stripes, swirls and big polka dots. Then, place the hair on the glass, and similar to screen printing, you press the paint into the hair in a few broad strokes. Once dye is distributed throughout all the strands, the hair sits for processing. Then, the dye is washed out.


Look. Just look. The end result is seamless, multi-dimensional and blended color. So, so gorgeous. Chiala tells Cosmopolitan that the technique came to her in a dream. Inspired by a painting done for her by a friend, she fell asleep one night and “dreamt of all these layers of paint living together on one surface.” And voilà! Hand-pressing was born. Currently, she’s traveling the country teaching this method of hair coloring, so this mode of coloring maybe coming to you very soon.


And since the dye is painted onto the glass first, it gives the colorist lots of control to create stunning new blends of color. RAINBOW HAIR!

Check out the video below on how she preps for the process.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photos via @chialamarvici)