Faster than we could replicate an at-home rainbow hair dye job, the super colorful hair trend has been replaced by a new bold look called “fire hair.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: When hair is dyed progressive shades that mimic the colors of a fire or flame. It’s a striking look when the hair is dyed correctly (careful if you dye yours at home!) because the hues appear to cascade from deep reds on top to light (sometimes bright) yellows toward the tip of the hair.

We were blown away by the vibrant ‘dos we saw after spending way too much time stalking the Instagram #firehair hashtag. Below are 10 of our faves!


1. @bescene: This gal’s color begins with a pretty deep raspberry hue that fades into a pastel peach at the tips. Her “I totally just #WokeUpLikeThis” waves are a nice touch, but we *really* love that awesome braid, which showcases the intricate dye job.


2. @cherryredbombshell: We love this reverse take on #firehair because it starts with a more natural blonde hair color past her dark roots. There is a hint of orange before we hit the bright, punchy red at the tips of her hair.


3. @uggoff: Purple peeks out of this lady’s hair at the ends, which provides a fun pop of color. The straight style of this look allows us to focus on the advanced dye job — just look at those highlights on the top of her head and try not to swoon. They really bring the whole look together.


4. @color_hair_dont_care_xp: You can’t help but notice this ‘do, y’all, and for good reason — these colors are on point and look simply awesome. A base of bright yellow provides the perfect backdrop for the bold orange, deep magenta and fiery reds that naturally fall on top.


5. @screammydarling: First, we have to give this woman props for having perfectly matched brows to her #firehair — not an easy feat. This is a nice example of an ombre-esque take on the fire hair trend. The colors just seems to effortlessly fade into each other.


6. @omfgyourhair: What a look!! We’re all about the subtle progression in this ‘do; it’s definitely different from some bolder looks featured here. At first glance, this woman looks like she has a solid overall color, but if you look closer, you can see the complex dye job — especially in that rad braid.


7. @funky_._girl: The teeny-tiny plaits in this fishtail braid (which are so much easier to do than you’d expect, btw) allow us to see each piece as it progresses from an orangey-peach to burnt orange to a bright yellow. In terms of braid game, it’s also on fire — we love how it’s structured yet still loose.


8. @awedeewolff: Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t jump on this trend! This lady’s short style really showcases the jewel-toned purple to red-orange to toned-down shade of yellow. We also are super into how the long fringe allows bits of yellow to peek out.


9. @bellashoot: This look features a bit more pinky hues than the others, but that only adds to its multi-dimensional vibe, which you can especially see in her braid. The matte look of this gal’s hair adds an edgy vibe to this style — try a sugar spray if you’re going for the same feel.


10. @rockstarwigs: Customized wig or not, this hair rules. A side-swept bang gives an opportunity to show off the different colors in this dye job in a swooshy way. Loose, flowy curls offer an added layer of dimension for this look — the coordinated makeup doesn’t hurt, either!

Are you loving these looks or is #firehair a bit too bright for your taste? Share your thoughts in the comments below.