If you’re blessed with curls, waves, and coils for days, summer is the time to embrace that texture. Instead of pulling them back with a headband or pin, show off all their twisty glory by proudly rocking bangs. There are a ton of styles that expertly work with face framers, so read on to learn 10 ways to slay the fringe game.

1. Pulled Up and Front: Make those bangs stand out front and center by pulling the rest of your curly locks back into a topknot. Your fringe will naturally fall onto your forehead, creating a casual-meets-cool-girl vibe.

2. Perfectly Unkempt: Go with the natural flow of your hair, embracing its irregular curves, and let your wavy bangs do their thing. Straightening them would be criminal if you’re blessed with this much volume and body!

3. Space Buns: Rock an easy-to-style, trendy ‘do that makes your fringe the focus. We love how this gal’s are gorgeously swept to the side.

4. Fine Coils: The soft, fine curls this woman is rocking work so well with coiled bangs. The varying lengths add a bit of dimension to her cut, which brings structure to that stunning face.

5. Sideswept and Subtle: Curly bangs don’t have to be in your face. Make a more muted statement by allowing them to hug the sides of your cheekbones.

6. Wrapped and Uniform: Wrapping a stylish scarf around your hairline gives you an instant cool-girl vibe, but it’s also a practical way to style your bangs if you’re after a cohesive, uniform look. The coils add shape, but the similar lengths keep it feeling polished.

7. Coiled and Colored: Embrace those super tight, defined ringlets! The twists and turns work beautifully with a multi-tonal color, creating a unique look that’s totally head-turning.

8. Casual Updo: Sweep your curls into a loose updo to highlight a few standout strands. They’ll naturally fall down, adding shape to your look while adding just the right amount of edge.

9. Baby Bangs: Just because you have beautiful bends in your hair doesn’t mean you can’t sport baby bangs. A short snip creates a flattering shape that pairs perfectly with a textured bob.

10. Totally Centered: Twirly bangs stand out with a center part and add a ton of volume to the roots when they’re styled this way. That natural lift (jealous!) creates volume and body.

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