We get our fair share of questions, requests, and ideas from our readers. You’ve inspired us to dig around the web for innovative curtains, use all sorts of beans as earthy mason jar fillers, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

And now you’ve inspired us to put together the ultimate sophisticated Halloween party! Props to Brit + Co. reader Gloria Re who is currently planning last minute projects for her Halloween wedding and reached out to us for ideas! One thing we know for sure, if you’re looking for a combination of Halloween and sophisticated style, get ready for a LOT of pumpkins ;)

1. Letterpress Invites: The first way to add a little fancy to your party is to create gorgeous invitations. Letterpress might be a little more involved than you like, but is sure to inspire. (Photo: Oh So Beautiful Paper)

2. Lace Pumpkin: For a fancier pumpkin, wrap yours in lace! Simply lay fabric over the pumpkin, cut a hole for the stem, and secure at the bottom with glue or tape (if you’re looking for something more temporary). Love the idea of making mini lace pumpkins too! (Photos: Positively Splendid and Better Homes and Gardens)

3. Festive Name Cards: A great way of combining a little class with a more playful tone is to make whimsical name cards. So cute! (Photo: The Celebration Shoppe)

4. DIY Glitter Pumpkin Candle: Love this glittery look! If orange is a little too loud for your soiree, glitter it up with gold and white. (Tutorial and photo: Twig and Thistle)

5. Pumpkin Table Setting: You can achieve a more general fall vibe with a few Halloween touches by combining pumpkins with gorgeous red and orange leaves, twigs from outside, and other warm hues. (Photos: The High Heeled Hostess)

6. Dessert Table: An easy way to add a Halloween vibe to a fancier party is at the dessert table. No one can reason a festive collection of treats. (Photo: Amy Atlas)

7. Treat Bowls: For just a touch of Halloween class, decorate candy bowls using black tape or craft paper and turn them into clear jack-o-lanterns. (Photo: The Celebration Shoppe)

8. Baker’s Twine Pumpkins: More pumpkins! This time, wrap them up in twine for a soft, country vibe. For this project, cardboard pumpkins were used but you could definitely do this with regular ones. (Tutorial and photo: Crafts Unleashed)

9. Silver Pumpkins: These couldn’t be simpler! Simply spray paint your pumpkins to create a silvery grayscale scene. (Photos: Better Homes & Gardens and Gordon Gossip)

10. Sequined and Thumb Tacked Pumpkins: Or go even further and bling them out with sequins and thumbtacks! (Photos: Better Homes & Gardens and Taloola Kids)

11. Mason Jar Cocktails: You can always count on mason jars to bring your party drinks to a new cuteness level. Love this bright orange drinks with black and white paper straws. (Photo: Amy Atlas)

12. Pumpkin Party Cooler or Punch Bowl: We’ve already turned a pumpkin into a fondue pot. What goes better with fondue than a pumpkin cooler filled with beers? Could also use as a punch bowl for some mulled cider! (Photos: Martha Stewart)

13. Ghostly Ceiling Decor: If you’re partying in the outdoors, create some mood lighting by filling a water balloon with water, a glowstick, and then putting it in a stocking. Soooo spooky! (Photo: Hearts of Glass)

14. Skeletal Ice Cubes: For your cocktails, be sure to mix up some spooky ice cubes. These ones have little plastic skulls and bones in them! (Photos: Not Martha)

15. DIY Burlap Decor: For a rustic sort of bohemian vibe, try one or all of our burlap decor projects. All you need is black paint, burlap, and a few spiders. (Tutorial and photo: Brit + Co.)

16. Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin: If you’ve got a bunch of canning rings (mason jar lid rims) laying around the craft room or kitchen, put them to good use with this fun DIY pumpkin. (Tutorial and photo: Simply Klassic)

17. DIY Spooky Fabric Art: For this project, you can print graphics directly onto fabric, so long as you follow the instructions carefully. Love the vintage look. (Tutorial and photo: Graphics Fairy)

18. Spider Infested Flora: Finally, when in doubt, you can always add creepy crawly spiders! (Photos: Martha Stewart)

What are your favorite DIY projects for Halloween? How do you fancy it up? Talk to us in the comments below.