Whether you use binoculars to stare through them for hours a day or just let the morning sun seep in and wake you up, your windows are part of your daily life. And regardless of what drab landscape may lie outside of them, they can always be dressed to the nines on the inside. We’re always looking to find ways to liven up your home from glow-in-the-dark wallpaper to the mixtape coffee table. So with window fashions on the brain, we gathered a dozen of the coolest and most creative curtains out there. Take a look!

1. 35mm Camera Slides Curtain: We’re fans of any design that incorporates photography and up-cycling. This window covering allows light in through the old film slides and literally decorates your home with memories.

2. ASCII Curtain: It seems that ASCII art is gaining some traction in pop culture – and we’re not complaining! This conversation piece looks like a pleasant tree branch but fully appreciating it requires a closer look.

3. Island Bead Curtain Panel: Granted, a curtain comprised sparingly of wooden beads won’t block out the sun for your afternoon naps. But this is an understated look that would work great on a small window.

4. The “Better View” Curtain: Maybe you really don’t have a view worth staring out at while you ponder existence. This window covering lets you cover whatever hideousness lies outside and it’s cut-outs create a nighttime skyline.

5. Fitted Door Curtain: If your grandmother’s flowing and billowing curtains and valance aren’t your idea of modern window fashions, try this modern, fitted look. The curtain panels are stretched taut to the door frame and soften the light coming through.

6. Organic Hemp Curtain: Made from 100% organically-grown European hemp, this curtain will keep your home inviting and warm and your conscience clear.

7. Hex Divider Curtain: It may look like your old grade school paper snowflakes but this room divider curtain from Japanese designer Hiroshi Tsunoda is far from elementary. The individual hexagonal pieces snap together so you can create any shape you’d like so you can use the curtain to partition a room or hang as wall art.

8. The LED Curtain: A sheer organza curtain with 288 long-life LEDs will electrify whatever room it resides. Note: Your guests may ask for clarification when you tell them your draperies plug into the wall.

9. The Magnetic 3D Mesh Curtain: If your furniture and decorations give your home personality, then this window dressing is for the boldest and bravest personalities out there. Because of its magnetic mesh skeleton, this curtain will hold whatever shape you give it – from a waving flag to a Frank Gehry crumpled piece of paper.

10. Infrared Controlled Motorized Draperies: If you have some more conservative tastes but can still appreciate technology when it’s useful, you’ll appreciate the IR automatic draperies. You can open and close with the press of a button, even when you’re rooms away.

11. The Super Sheer Curtain Panel: And we do mean super sheer. If a bright room with lots of naturally lighting is your thing, then this sheer curtain is your thing.

12. Suede Soundproof Curtain: A new spin on the elegant drapery. Made of suede and customized to block out sound, this decoration may be the difference between a good night’s sleep and listening to the traffic noise all night.

So could you adorn your windows with what looks like a crumpled piece of paper, another city’s skyline, or your own film slides? How could you not? Let us know what your favorite window design was by leaving a comment or check us out on Twitter.