If you grew up watching Disney鈥榮 Halloweentown, you鈥檙e totally gonna get the good kind of *spooked* when you find out that the show鈥檚 star is selling stuff inspired by the TV movies.

Kimberly J. Brown, who plays Marnie in the iconic 鈥90s to mid-aughts films, has taken her love of all things witchy to create wearable art via her Etsy shop. CraftilyCreative features items including this I Believe in Magic T-Shirt ($20) as well as hand-painted signs with clever and inspiring words, gift tags, and note cards.

She even offers customization! 鈥淚f you have something in mind that you would like created, please reach out to us and let us know what you are thinking! That鈥檚 our favorite thing to do,鈥 Brown writes on her Etsy page.

The 鈥渙ur鈥 that she鈥檚 referring to is her shop鈥檚 other half, her BFF Liz, and the creative pair works together to make all of CraftilyCreative鈥檚 unique swag 鈥 and yes, that includes Halloweentown-inspired merch, like this Straight Outta Halloweentown T-Shirt ($20)!

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(Photos via Etsy)