Let’s face it: Calligraphy can make anything look amazing. Find a piece of trash, write calligraphic words on it and you’ll immediately want to hang it up on your wall. If you’re sitting around wishing you could master the art of calligraphy, or hand lettering in general, it isn’t too late. Brit + Co offers a Calligraphy 101 E-Class and a Hand-Lettering Basics E-Class. To get you inspired, or to give you a great first day of online calligraphy class outfit, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite hand-lettered T-shirts.


1. Cropped T-shirt With Surfin’ Jammin’ Print ($14): Of course, we’re going to start this roundup with some summer inspiration. With all of this winter weather we are definitely ready for warm temperatures. This is the perfect tee to relax in while you pretend to be in a tropical paradise.


2. Oh Crepe Graphic Top ($13) : We are always a fan of a good ole pun, and a pun on great dessert food = extreme win!

3. Believin’ is Art ($22): As you might know, we love Society6 and the platform it provides to artists. We knew we would hit gold when looking for hand-lettered tees.


4. BAE Graphic Tee ($13) : BFF is out, BAE is in. This is a great tee to gift your gal next Galentine’s day. You could even DIY your own BAE shirts yourself.

5. Yes ($22): All we have to say is YES! Add it to our shopping bag, please.


6. Longhand Pullover ($78): Stitched calligraphy? That is one for the pros. Riding a bike in this cute pullover however is something we can do =)

7. Coffee is Good ($22): We love the thick strokes of this calligraphy, and the phrase… doesn’t get any better.


8. Short Jersey Top ($13) : One thing that we love about calligraphy is that every letter is different. Case and point: The two Os in “cool.” Little differences like that make hand lettering beautiful.


9. Jersey Top ($13) : Remember being little and having your mom catch you in her make-up drawer? All there is to say is “oops!”

10. Bonne Nuit Infant Nightgown ($30): Goodnight little one. Let’s dream about Paris and beautiful typography.

11. Enjoy Every Moment ($22): This bag reminds us to be creative with our type. Why not try filling negative spaces in? *Pro Tip: When taking typography risks, place tracing paper on top of your calligraphy. Do any risky editing on the tracing paper so it can easily be removed and changed before becoming permanent.


12. Calligraphy Bride ($25): Before you know it, it will be wedding season. Surprise your bestie ahead of time with a comfy scripted bride sweatshirt for her big day.


13. Love Your Seflie ($24): Get more double taps with this v-neck selfie shirt. And don’t forget, always love your selfie.


14. Hello Lover Sequin Graphic Pullover ($187): When sequins marry calligraphy, we’re in heaven. If only there was a real-life pen that wrote in sequins.


15. Best Dressed Tee ($35): Be the best dressed while having the best handwriting. We’re all about the various weights in this hand lettering.

Have you taken our Calligraphy 101 E-class? Would you try doing some calligraphy on a tee? Let us know in the comments below!