17 Calligraphers We Are Totally Crushing On
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17 Calligraphers We Are Totally Crushing On

New Year, new you, right? Raise your hand if you made a resolution to be more creative this year. Now put your hand down, stick to that resolution and take our Calligraphy 101 E-Class.

In this e-class Lauren Essl, founder of Fort Worth, TX-based calligraphy and design studio Blue Eye Brown Eye, takes you from amateur to pro calligrapher in under an hour. She’ll teach you the basics of numbers and letters (upper and lowercase) while you create six hand-lettered cards made with the pointed pen.

Friendly tip: Fully prep for the course (hey, it’s just like the first day of school!) by also picking up our Calligraphy 101 Kit.

Not only will you learn how to get your fancy writing on, but you’ll also leave the course with alphabet templates, grids and practice sheets. #eclassperks

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Before you get your learn on, get some inspiration to prep for all the calligraphy projects you’re gonna want to complete after you pass the class (no worries, there’s not actually a grading system) with 17 calligraphers we’re totally crushing on.

1. Blue Eye Brown Eye: Our e-class teacher truly is a pro calligrapher. We’ve always been a huge composition book lover (who doesn’t love that texture, though?) and you’ll love the notebooks even more once you’re able to write your name in calligraphy on the cover.

2. Bed Side Design: We’ve fallen in love with the way Christie Jones addresses envelopes with accents of watercolor and you will too, especially once you can incorporate the paints into your own addressing.

3. Nancy de la Cruz: This artist knows a thing or two about writing with her hand, but we are kinda (okay, totally) obsessed with her FREE downloadable calligraphy calendar. Hit that download button, or make a monthly set yourself after you excel in the course.

4. The Left Handed Calligrapher: Nicole Black takes her calligraphy skills off the typical paper medium and puts the ink on wood. Can we get these wooden labels dispersed throughout our home for every room?

5. Anne Robin: We are so into the calligraphy chalkboard masterpieces this designer creates. Seriously, we’re amazed as we struggle writing in print on the blackboard.

6. Jackson Alves: This designer knows how to get his business card to stick out in a pack of names — with golden ink, of course.

7. Written Word Calligraphy: Karla, the designer behind this studio, knows how to get the invites to your wedding pumped for your ceremony — with gorgeous handwritten invites. This one is headed for best wedding invite ever, hands down.

8. Emily V. Fitzpatrick: We love the way this designer got pumped about her future travels with some ink. Check out her work for a variety of hand-written pieces using all the tools in an artist’s toolbox.

9. Lady Lewton: Why pick up a poster at a concert or Target when you can get a handmade calligraphy one like this quote, right?

10. Studio Maco: Most of the time calligraphy pieces are made with black ink, but there’s some artists who like to step up their writing game and use colors (whether that’s with actual ink or in the digital space). We salute you Studio Maco for your choice of color pop.

11. LH Calligraphy: What’s more filling than a snack bar filled with handwritten labelling? Nothing, that’s what.

12. Style Me Pretty: Rest your head easily on these artistic cotton cubes. Put your new calligraphy skills to work as this is a DIY project.

13. Anna Tovar: This piece would go perfectly in the nursery to teach your little one the alphabet.

14. Plurabelle Calligraphy: The owner of this design studio, Molly Suber Thorpe, knows how to catch our attention. A handmade and hand-lettered rubber stamp? We’re impressed girl.

15. Jonathan Faust: We admit it, our doodles don’t look this good but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it happen. Shake off all the haters with your calligraphy doodles and check out this artist’s other wordy pieces.

16. Rika King, Hand Lettering by Debi Sementelli: Have all your girls envious of your tee game with a glittery golden calligraphy top. You’ll totally be able to take inspiration from this designer and DIY your own tees in no time. UPDATE: The hand lettered Cantoni Pro font is created by Debi Sementelli, check out her work at Lettering Art Studio.

17. Happy Hands Project: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so give your desktop a little love with these digital wallpapers.

If you want to learn how to make your own stunning calligraphy pieces, take our Calligraphy 101 E-Class. Interested in learning something else? Check out the other e-classes we offer.

What calligrapher is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.