Revving up for this season’s influx of dinner parties and searching for DIY decor to wow your guests? We’re happy to announce a new kit available in the HSN Shop for exactly that! We’ve packaged up all the materials you need to make a hand-painted set of napkins, napkin rings, and salt cellars, in 5 color options – Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Magenta, and Orange. Head to the Brit + Co HSN Shop to be one of the first to get your hands on our brand new Hand-Painted Linens Kit ($29.95).

Materials (get the kit!):

– 4 white cotton napkins

– paintable fabric dye

– paintbrush

– 4 wood napkin rings

– 4 wood salt cellars

– gold paint pen


1. Paint a thick stripe along the bottom edge of your napkin with clean water.

2. Paint over the same stripe with the concentrated color dye.

3. Dip your paintbrush in water to dilute the dye as you paint upwards on the napkin.

4. Water down your brush with clean water, and spread the dye outwards from your three stripes.

5. Go back over a few sections with concentrated dye and let dry overnight.

6. Repeat the same technique with the other three napkins.

7. Set the dye by ironing on the reverse side for 3 minutes, and hand or machine wash cold.

8. Paint metallic details onto your napkin rings and salt cellars using gold paint pen, and let dry.

Let’s go!

First things first, pour some of your paintable dye into a glass or container, and fill another glass with clean water. Paint a stripe along the bottom edge with just clean water, and then follow along that same stripe with just the concentrated dye.

Continue alternating water and dye. Gradually dilute the dye with more water as you move up the napkin, creating a light wash towards the top and leaving some strips of white throughout the design.

This should feel like you are painting a picture of a sunset, and can be enhanced by going back over some sections with concentrated dye. Repeat this technique on the other three napkins and leave to dry overnight.

As they dry, you will notice that the dye bleeds with the cotton fibers, giving your napkins a nice textured effect. Once fully dry, heat-set the dye by ironing on the backside for three minutes, and hand or machine wash cold.

Now for the wooden accent pieces! Simply draw your desired metallic designs onto your napkin rings and salt cellars, using a gold paint pen. We drew on gold accent stripes on some, and fully colored in others, making sure not to forget the edges. We applied a similar design to the salt cellars, making sure to only draw on the outside of the bowls, where our designs will not come in contact with food.

Check out those clean, gilded accessories!

Who knew beautiful table linens were so easy to make at home? Be sure to head to the Brit + Co HSN Shop to get your own Hand-Painted Linens Kit ($29.95). Each kit comes in one of five colors – Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Magenta and Orange.

What else would you dye with this technique? Tell us in the comments below!