Ah, summer. With ultimate beach days, BBQs, parties and outdoor games on long weekends, the summer is basically a time where we always end up drinking more than we think we did, and often end up with pretty bad hangovers the next day. While many people offer us their various weird hangover cures, one chef believes he has the cure that’s guaranteed to work.

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According to Vice Magazine’s food division Munchies, the truest cure for a hangover comes from UK celebrity chef Fergus Henderson. Chef Henderson is a notorious drinker, and the man who made eating every part of an animal fashionable again around the world. Chef Henderson’s cure for a hangover is simple, and seems like something we’d maybe not ever drink — but he guarantees it works (apparently his dad created the concoction many years ago). The drink, which he calls Dr. Henderson, is actually a mix of liquors. He warns us that we’re only to have one glass — you don’t want to start getting into the booze first thing in the morning, do you? The Dr. Henderson has only two ingredients, but apparently, together, they’ll solve even the worst hangover you’ll ever have.

Alcoholic cocktail with cola and whiskey and ice cubes

What you’ll need is mint-flavored Creme de Menthe liquor and an Italian drink called Fernet-Branca. The latter is a bitter, herb-infused booze that’s often described as black-licorice flavored Listerine. While we’ve heard of “hair of the dog” (aka drinking a bit the next day to cure your hangover), this not-so-tasty sounding drink might not be worth the taste it could leave in your mouth when you’re already not feeling well. With two parts Fernet-Branca and one of Creme de Menthe, we can’t imagine drinking more than one glass of this stuff, but apparently it’s delicious and works quickly to fix your ills.

While we work up the nerve to try this drink, we’re thinking maybe sticking to not drinking so much the night before could be a better solution.

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