Deciding on a perfect tattoo is never easy, but when you have unlimited *magical* ideas at your disposal, the possibilities are endless! From wizards and wands to spells and spirits, the Harry Potter series has everything you could imagine. Even if you aren’t one to lean toward tattoos, these HP-inspired pieces are sure to make your inner Hogwarts lover jump for joy, just like your favorite sweet treat, Chocolate Frogs (duh!). Feeling the mystical mojo? Check out these 10 awe-worthy Harry Potter tattoos to get inspo for your own ink session.

1. Deathly Hallows: This is the perfect trio to get you feeling all sorts of magical. Show your wizard love with this minimalistic tattoo.

2. The Werewolf and the Dog: Witches + wizards, unite! Rep your Animagus like Professor Lupin and Sirius Black with this gorgeous nature-inspired tattoo.

3. Flying Key: Ditch the angel wings for winged keys instead. This delicate tattoo gives you all sorts of nostalgic feels towards your favorite book.

4. Lumos: With the flick of your wrist, you can ignite your childhood memories. This Lumos spell wrist tattoo will help you light your way.

5. Hidden Treasures: Invisibility is key in the world of magic! Keep things quiet with this pretty white-ink Invisibility Cloak tattoo.

6. Sorcerer Symbols: Harry’s glasses, scar and the Deathly Hallows? What could be a better combo? Get inked with your favorite HP icons with a simple + neat tattoo.

7. Mark of the Death Eaters: Voldemort lovers, this one’s for you! Embrace your inner dark side with this Morsmordre spell tattoo.

8. Pretty Patronus: Recite your favorite line from the series now: Expecto Patronum! Bring out your inner fighter with this gorgeous protection charm tattoo.

9. Written Word: Turning your favorite words into a work of art is a writer’s and reader’s dream. Get nerdy with these awesome words from the wise, aka J.K. Rowling.

10. Best Friends: Harry, Hermione and Ron are serious #friendshipgoals. This creative + cool tattoo boasts your love for the besties.

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