Those late nights drinking margaritas with your girls sure are fun. But they’re not exactly going to help you get into tip-top pre-preggo shape. You were already planning to make some lifestyle changes whenever that little pink plus sign pops up on the pregnancy test. Now you’re thinking that maybe you should start working out and eating healthy beforeyou get pregnant. Check out how you can prep for pregnancy, ways to get healthy, and what may help you actually maximize your chances of expecting.

1. Swap out that third glass of Champagne for water. You’re not pregnant yet, so you don’t have to go alcohol-free immediately (cheers to the wine Gods!). Obviously, if you think you might be pregnant — don’t drink! But, if you’re just considering starting a fam or are planning to go off the pill sometime soon, you don’t have to pour the vino out right now. Even though you can still drink alcohol, serious partying isn’t exactly something that should be on your baby-making agenda. A glass of wine or your favorite craft beer once in a while is okay. Just don’t overdo it.

2. Cut back on caffeine. Your morning grande soy latte is kind of the joy of your day. But now that you’re about to be on the baby train, you need to start cutting back. Caffeine actually crosses the placenta, and there are some studies that show a possible link between it and miscarriage. Keep in mind, “some” is the key word here. There’s no conclusive scientific evidence that says caffeine definitely causes pregnancy loss. In any case, chugging lattes during pregnancy isn’t recommended. Instead of cold turkey-ing it (which could lead to some serious headaches), start your caffeine withdrawal now — slow and steady.

3. Work toward your goal weight. No, this does not mean that you go on that weirdo juice cleanse that your BFF did to fit back into her fave size 0 jeans. But your chances of getting pregnant are better if you’re at a healthy weight. While you don’t want to be on the heavier side of the scale, you also don’t want to be supermodel skinny. Starving yourself or rapidly losing weight may change (or stop) your cycle, and get in the way of making a baby. Ask your doc what a healthy weight is for you right now. Eat right, get plenty of exercise, and try to hit your goal before getting pregnant.

4. Pick a medical pro. It may seem early, but now’s the time to make sure that you have a healthcare team you’re totally happy with. Sure, you already have an OBGYN, but not every gyno does deliveries. If yours doesn’t (or you aren’t 100 percent about using them), start your search before you’re knocked up. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily need to choose an MD. Some mamas-to-be prefer a certified nurse midwife or a nurse practitioner.

5. Schedule a full-on physical. After you’ve picked a medical pro to work with, it’s time to schedule a pre-conception appointment. Along with a check-up and health assessment, you may need to have a Pap test and some basic blood work (to check your blood type and Rh factor). Depending on your health history, you may need to have tests for STDs.

6. Sleep seven to nine hours a night (while you still can!). You don’t need to wait nine months to lose sleep. You’ll be majorly exhausted when the baby gets here, but pregnancy isn’t always sleep-inducing either. You’ll be tired. Really tired. You’ll want to sleep all the time. That doesn’t mean you’ll get to, though. Before you ever have even a touch of morning sickness, your back starts aching, and your feet start swelling, take a load off and get some rest. Along with savoring the sleep right now, your relaxed state may make it easier to conceive.

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