Helen Mirren is obviously a woman of many talents. Not only is she an icon in the entertainment industry, but she can also strut her stuff with the best of them on the runway and even has some rapping skills (yes, rapping skills!), as James Corden unfortunately just found out.

Stopping by The Late Late Show on Tuesday, the Winchester actress was fully ready to 鈥淒rop the Mic.鈥 She even wore a crown at one point. We weren鈥檛 sure what to expect from the 72-year-old, but let鈥檚 just say things got vicious!

From the moment she started 鈥 by telling the host to 鈥渂ow down,鈥 naturally 鈥 it was clear that she was ready to reign supreme. Corden wasn鈥檛 willing to surrender without a fight, though, replying, 鈥淲e鈥檙e not at home anymore. I鈥檓 the king in this studio.鈥

He then took over, spitting out, 鈥淗elen is basically an icon in her craft / But when I heard she wanted to battle me, all I could do is laugh / Back home she鈥檚 considered the actress you have to fear / But we鈥檙e in America now 鈥 Meryl Streep lives here!鈥

After getting a tad personal and bringing up one of the actress鈥 famous exes (*cough* Liam Neeson *cough*), he kept it going with: 鈥淗elen鈥檚 so beloved, she鈥檚 in her own class / She鈥檚 played the Queen, but now she鈥檚 a royal pain in my ass.鈥 Ouch!

Mirren wasn鈥檛 fazed, though, and snapped back, 鈥淵ou stand out, but for games and banter / Other shows do comedy, you just pander / You thought you could beat me / Sorry, game over / I鈥檒l cook this beef, his wife, and her lover / He鈥檚 obsessed with my exes / Sorry, James, I鈥檓 not single / But you know I taught your little mister to tingle.鈥

Things kept going from there, with the host telling Mirren she couldn鈥檛 quite compare to other legends like Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. That ended up backfiring on him, though, when she took a similar tactic, telling him, 鈥淭his battle is fun / I鈥檓 glad that you asked / It鈥檚 the only bit you didn鈥檛 find in Jimmy Fallon鈥檚 trash.鈥

With references to Meghan Markle, Fast and Furious, and seemingly everything in between, these two weren鈥檛 there to play nice. And we loved every minute!

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(photo via Terence Patrick/CBS)