There’s a micro beauty trend a-brewing on Instagram, and we can’t get enough. Beauty addicts on IG are creating double helix-inspired designs around their everyday winged eyeliner, and the results are nothing short of amazing. This easier-than-it-looks effect involves creating simple optical illusions with your eyeliner that will satisfy your inner science geek. From basic two-toned versions to cartoon cameos and botanical embellishments, this trend is anything but basic. Here are 14 amazing helix eyeliner looks for your viewing pleasure.

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Thought I'd give the spiral look a try 💓

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1. Contrast Helix: While this design is simply a black wing with a white spiral, the contrast of the two hues creates major impact. Plus, the classic color combo will match any look.

2. Sunset Ombre: This version of the trend adds a level of difficulty by bringing a little ombre to the mix. Giving the same multi-hued treatment to your waterline takes this look into next-level territory.

3. Solid Gold: Add a touch of luxe to your lined eyes with a gold metallic helix and a bronzed smokey eye. Bonus points for lining your waterline to give the impression of a longer gold helix.

4. Girl on Fire: This look is FIRE! Try swapping out the expected black winged liner for a fiery hue that will make your look really stand out.

5. Multi-Colored Helix: Bypass the winged liner altogether and instead opt for a dramatic, multi-colored helix with a complementary shadow. This style uses bold, contrasting colors and a standout waterline to set itself apart.

6. Pastel Wing: Neutral shadow and soft pastel eye art make this look totally wearable by day and amazing at night. Not to mention, it’s giving us some serious unicorn vibes.

7. Galaxy Helix: Let your inner moon child shine by adding some halos to your wing. The sprinkling of tiny constellations only enhances the outta-this-world factor.

8. Pokémon Helix: What better way to honor the 20th anniversary of Pokémon than with this Magikarp-embellished helix eye? It’s perfect for the Pokémon Go fan who wants to step up her beauty game.

9. Romantic Helix: There’s no time like the present to start planning your Valentine’s Day look. Add some red, white and pink to your winged liner to bring a little romance to your helix eye.

10. Flower Child Helix: Everyone may be talking about Harley Quinn this Halloween, but let’s not forget about Poison Ivy. Give the green-haired villainess a shout-out this Hallow’s Eve with a vine detail on your helix eye.

11. Dotted Wing: Pair your trend-right helix with playful details courtesy of a few multi-colored dots. We love the balance between her dramatic winged liner and the sweet faux-freckle finish.

12. Graphic Eyes: This look is perfect for a girls’ night out when you’re ready to see and be seen. Not only does it include a seriously graphic swirled helix, but it also features a little brow bone design just for the heck of it. Keep your shadow simple to prevent this look from going off the deep end.

13. Braided Twirl: Feeling especially artistic? Give your wing a helix-inspired braid. Take the look a step further for a big night out with a bold shadow in matching colors.

14. Octopus Helix: With Halloween just around the corner, this tentacle liner might be right up your alley. Dress up as one of the coolest Disney villains of all time (Ursula from The Little Mermaid, duh) with this purple octopus arm winding its way down your cat eye.

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