Here at Brit + Co, we are firm believers in incorporating bright, bold colors into every aspect of our lives, and our beauty products are no exception. Between glitter root hairstyles and color-block nail art, our makeup routine is basically Rainbow Brite meets Lisa Frank. Even if you lean toward the minimalistic when it comes to your beauty look, going bold can be a fun way to switch things up for a special event, or any night when you want all eyes on y-o-u. Enter this color-block makeup hack you need to try ASAP: two contrasting bright hues swooped across your lids. Whether you rock a perfect-point pink wing over an aquamarine shade or a yellow cut-crease with a blue cat eye, this not-so-ordinary style will make your eyes pop fo sho. Scroll through these bold AF looks to find the perfect shades for your pretty peepers.

1. Peachy Blue: Leave your boring black liner at home and rock this sky-blue shade instead. Add a warm peachy hue for an ’80s-inspired combo and you’ll be turning heads all summer long.

2. Pixie Dust: Whether you believe in magic or not, this pastel hue combo is perfect for your inner fairy spirit. Kick it up a notch by adding a hint of glitter to the outer corners of your eyes for an extra textured effect.

3. Bumblebee: Channel a pop art style by recreating this black and yellow look. Use a white liner as your base, then trace over it with yellow to make the color really pop. Outline with black, and your makeup routine has weekend vibes written all over it.

4. Electric Eyes: Festival season is calling your name, and what better complement to your edgy ensemble than this eye-catching mix? Swipe a cool hue across both lids and line it with a contrasting neon shade that will have you ready to dance the night away.

5. Primary Hues: Whether you’re #teamCMYK or #teamRYB, this contrasting look would make your art teacher proud. There are endless color combo possibilities here, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

6. Mermaid Eyes: This ocean-inspired style has Ariel’s stamp of approval. Swipe a subtle pink hue over your lips for a sweet addition to this beach-ready look.

7. Emerald Accent: Love the trend, but looking for a subtler version? Wear a muted shade on your lids and pair it with a gem-toned wing on top. Get a little futuristic with a matching taupe lip.

8. All American: Take your patriotic pride to new heights by sporting this red and blue combo. Highlight the corners of your eyes with a shimmery shadow for added effect.

9. 5th Element: Give this Leeloo-inspired look a go for Halloween this year. Swipe a warm tone in the crease of your eye to complement your winged liner and popsicle-stained lips — and don’t forget the fiery dye job (or wig ;).

10. All Pink Everything: Don’t be afraid to go all-out girly girl with a pink and purple color combo. Match it with cotton candy tresses and a monochrome lip for a My Little Pony touch.

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