Hello Kitty fans, get ready to sing with joy — literally. Sanrio, AKA the brand responsible for creating everybody’s favorite feline friend, collaborated with California’s trendy Energy Bistro and Karaoke Bar to debut an immersive Sanrio-themed experience.

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The karaoke bar opened four different Sanrio rooms, including two of the Hello Kitty Variety (The Hello Kitty Classic Room and The Hello Kitty Starry Room), plus two equally as cute character rooms, including the Aggretsuko Room, named after the easily flustered red panda, and the Gudetama Room, named after a lazy sunny-side-up egg (yes, really). If you’re not familiar with these adorable creatures, Google ’em now.

Each karaoke room can accommodate up to 25 people, with a meager price per entry of five bucks (but let’s be honest, you can’t really put a price on singing alongside Hello Kitty.)

As if things couldn’t get any cuter, each room offers a smattering of Sanrio-themed snacks, including Hello Kitty shaped baked Ube and a Gudetama Lazy Waffle Sandwich (just LOOK at that adorable egg face!) And the fun doesn’t end when you leave the venue; the karaoke spot will also sell Sanrio-branded T-shirts and buttons to commemorate your musical experience.

If you live in the San Gabriel Valley area in California, you can head on over with 24 of your best Hello-Kitty-loving friends this very instant; Alhambra-region residents can expect the Sanrio rooms in their local Energy Karaoke Bar location in early 2018. Admittedly, we’re bummed that this Hello Kitty Heaven doesn’t exist in other areas of the country… but it’s as good of an excuse as any to venture to the West Coast… right?

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(Photo via Sanrio, Energy Bistro and Karaoke)