Forty-three years after her “birth,” Hello Kitty is still hot — adorn her face on anything (i.e. cafés,grocery stores,makeup, or fashion) and it sells. The latest offering is tapping into millennial interests: Hello Kitty rosé. We’ll give you a minute.

According to Elite Daily, Sanrio has teamed up with Italy’s Torti Winery to bring you a collection of wines that also includes pinot noir. While a six-wine collab was announced last year, the rosé option wasn’t buyable online at the time… but it is now. And people are going nuts about it all over again because hey, it’s summer, and what do you drink in summer other than boatloads of rosé?

You can buy the pink drink in either the regular sparkling variety ($30) or the limited edition run ($40), and bottles come in cases of three, six, or twelve.

If you’d rather have plain old sparkling pink wine, they have that too for $25 a pop, and it comes in a cute clear bottle that shows off the sweet millennial-hued beverage inside. If you just can’t decide which you want more, opt for the Sparkling Wine Combo Pack ($95) instead.

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