Big news today! We're tweaking our branding and domain name from HelloBrit to Brit & Co.

Why, the change, you ask? Good question.

A few answers:

a) We are a growing team here, and though the company is indeed led by Brit herself, the "& Co." is much more reflective of the growing pod of awesome contributors on staff. See a few photos of our contributing team above. (Psst, want to be a contributor? Submit a proposal.)

b) As much as we love Hello Kitty, it was awkward to have a similar brand name as a fictional Japanese animal.

c) We have always been obsessed with Tiffany & Co. (Fact: Brit's mom almost named her Tiffany before she was born. It's true! You can ask her.)

d) Our domain name is now much shorter, making it easier to include links in tweets. Stay tuned for the URL shortener! ;)

e) HelloBrit? Hello Brit? Hello, Brit!? We know… it was weird.

What else is changing?

Nothing! We're excited to continue bringing you guys all the same daily tips and shortcuts for creative, savvy living. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our new moniker.