It’s been almost 10 months since the Gilmore Girls reboot was initially announced with an adorable tweet from Lauren Graham. And this weekend, it’s finally upon us. Can you believe it?!

That’s right — you’ve made it through almost a whole year of rumors and theories and of course those sob-inducing teasers and trailers. Your reward? Four, 90-minute new episodes of Gilmore goodness. The LAST thing you want to happen is to have any big plot points or those famous last four words spoiled before you get a chance to get through it all.

As we count the minutes ’til Friday, here are some ways to keep yourself in a blissful spoiler-free bubble while you make your way through Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. See you on the other side!

1. Take the opportunity for a mini digital detox. We’re not saying pull a Kendall Jenner and start deleting apps from your phone (unless you want to!), but trying to avoid spoilers that you know are going to be everywhere is a perfect excuse to set your phone aside and take a little screen break for a bit. Try leaving it in another room for an afternoon or — GASP — turning it off for a few hours, checking in in case of any emergencies every now and then.

2. Set up Twitter mute filters. If you can’t stay off the internet entirely, try to limit it a bit. Certain iOS and Android Twitter clients allow you to customize what you see in your feed, meaning you can temporarily block certain words or hashtags to keep them out of your timeline. The official Twitter app only does this for within the notifications tab (helpful if you’d like to very much exclude yourself from a spoiler @-narrative you never asked to be a part of), but Tweetdeck, Tweetbot, Twitterific and Plume are some of the app options that allow you to keep in control. Simply go to settings, enter the words you don’t want to see (for example “Gilmore,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Rory,” etc.), and voila! Your bubble is safe.

3. Make a pact with your besties. Not everyone is going to be able to watch four 90-minute episodes of television at the same pace. That’s a big ask, so if life gets in the way of your binge watch, set up a buddy system with your BFFs so the group chat isn’t blowing up your phone while you’re behind. Maybe designate one as a safely liaison to check in if and when you’re ready to be added to the thread. Squeal away.

4. Call in sick, settle in and binge, girl. BINGE. Let’s face it: There’s really only one way to avoid having Gilmore Girls spoiled for you, and that’s to give up on the rest of the world for a while and transport yourself straight to Stars Hollow. We’ll see you there.

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(Photos via Netflix)