We know you were mesmerized by the Perseid Meteor Shower back in August and were thrilled by the magic of October’s Orionid Meteor Shower, which is why (while you’re waiting for the upcoming Beaver Super Moon) we know you’ll want to check out the Leonid Meteor Shower.

Named after the constellation Leo, the Leonid Meteor Shower usually gives us a pretty darn spectacular showing of “shooting stars” as 50,000 of the flying objects pass by our planet every hour.

This year won’t be quite as epic, but we’ll still be able to catch an impressive 10 or 15 meteors streaking through the sky every hour. “The Leonids are a very minor meteor shower until they outburst, or storm,” NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke told Space, “and that’s not projected to happen again until 2033.”

Those who want to get a glimpse at the cosmic fun will have plenty of time to do so. Starting as early as November 13, meteors will continue to fly by right up until November 20.

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(h/t Space)