We really do love everything cosmic. The Perseid Meteor Shower was pure perfection. The Orionid Meteor Shower was magical. And seeing the Northern Lights from the US was a rare treat. That’s why we’re so excited to check out the upcoming Super Beaver Moon.

On the night of November 13 (early morning on the 14th!), be sure to head outside and look up, because you’ll be able to spot one heck of a natural wonder. This month’s full moon, also called a Beaver Moon (because this is the time of year when hunters would set beaver traps), will appear larger than usual because of it’s closeness to the Earth.

This is the nearest Super Moon since 1948, and it’s also the closest it will be until 2034. That’s why you should head out on the night of November 13 to catch the sight, which will be at its largest and brightest when morning rolls around at 8:52am on November 14.

Get ready for the biggest, brightest, beaver-est moon in decades!

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(h/t Refinery29)