Trivia apps are always loads of fun, and when you get to challenge your friends, well, let’s just say things get real pretty fast. Trivia Crack has been rising up the top app charts lately, and we’ve been learning so many new fun facts about science, geography and sports, but we feel like one category that Trivia Crack is missing is nutrition. Sure, we already know what 200 calories may look like, but what are their nutritional contents? Hi.Q will tell you. Well, actually it will quiz you.


Hi.Q (free on iOS) is a health app that has over 10,000 trivia questions that help you learn more about your everyday health. You get 60 seconds to answer each question, and for each question you get right, you get a certain number of points. Points are determined by difficulty. After answering a question, you get to see the percentage of people who got it correct. Under your profile, you can see your stats for each category such as muscle, heart and digestive. At the end of each quiz, there are forum-like discussions where you and other Hi.Q users can type on more detailed topics like the best high-protein breakfast foods.


Each quiz has an overarching topic so you’re not always just being quizzed on dry facts. Nope, it’s not like high school health textbooks. You get to learn how to increase your mental awareness through exercise and yoga. And even though you might not ace every question, at least you’re learning stuff for the New Year, New You. For all you competitive peeps, if you sign up with Facebook, you have the option to post your scores and brag about your smarts. When you become a nutritional pro, you’re marked as an Elite.

By now you’re ready to download the app for free from the iTunes Store.

What category do you think you’ll do best on? Think you’ll be able to reach Elite? Let us know in the comments!