You’ve almost done it. You’ve almost made it through the entire month of January. The next few weeks are crucial for keeping those resolutions alive for the next 11 months. And we’re here to help. Now that you’ve got your high-tech water bottle and your gym-ready headphones, check out these healthy-living apps that’ll keep you on track and feeling your best.

1. HealthyOut (Free): This nifty app takes some of the guess work out of dining out. Not only does it help you find what eatery you should head to, but once you get there, it helps you figure out the healthiest menu item that fits your dietary requirements.

2. Strava Cycling (Free): Like to bike? You might remember Brit talking about how much she loves this app. It allows you to track your rides via GPS, and it even works as a bike computer! After pedal pushing, track your workout stats on your laptop.

3. Nike Training Club (Free): This app contains over 100 workouts to keep you fit and busy. You can pick from pre-designed workouts or create your own.

4. Pop Sugar Active (Free): One of the web’s favorite sites has made a fitness app! You’ll have plenty of exercises to choose from. The time required for each varies, so you’re bound to find something to fit that 10-minute break.

5. MyFitness Pal (Free): This tried-and-true calorie counter has a huge database of nutritional information. It even allows you to track your workouts.

6. Gratitude Journal ($1): Spend a few minutes every day reflecting on what makes you happy and your world will be a better place. That’s what Gratitude Journal believes, and their app helps you do just that.

7. Lose It! (Free): Want a more colorful means to track your calories? Why not try Lose it! This app comes full of colorful little pictures in case you can’t remember what the beer you drank last night looked like.

8. Fitbit (Free): If you can’t commit to wearing one of Fitbit’s wonderful little fitness bands on a daily basis, then just go with the app version.

9. Runkeeper (Free): For those who like to run (and those who do it anyway), this is a handy app to track pace, distance, and more.

10. Couch-to-5k ($2): We’re all about the name of this app. From being the champion couch potato to kicking major butt at a weekend 5k, this app will get you there with its handy training programs. Next stop? Marathon!

11. LifeSum (Free): This calorie and workout app definitely has the benefit of gorgeous design! It operates on one easy idea: End the day in the green zone and good things will happen.

12. Zombies, Run! ($4): Need a little extra motivation to run? Or maybe a lot? How about being chased by a horde of zombies. This running aid works more like a game where you bring supplies to other survivors!

13. Pocket Yoga ($3): Want all the benefits of yoga without the hefty studio price tag? Pocket Yoga is calling your name.

14. The Whole Pantry ($3): Eat delicious vegetarian food with the help of stunning food photography and recipes that include both gluten-free and sugar-free options.

15. Fitness for Women ($3): This app has got it all – ready-made workouts, video instructions, and no equipment necessary! Fitness for Women also boasts a built-in social network so you can share your progress with other women.

16. Touchfit ($7): Touchfit offers 500+ different workouts with video instructions. It also tracks your recovery times and learns what kind of workouts you like. Pretty smart, eh?

17. Green Kitchen ($5): Keep a vegetarian diet from getting boring with amazing recipes like Korean lettuce wraps, creamy broccoli soup, and buckwheat porridge. Just sit down and dig in!

18. 30 Day Fitness Challenges ($3): This iOS app is chock full of 30-day intensive challenges that target certain parts of the body or just overall wellness. Try one this month and switch it up next month!

19. Healthy Desserts ($3): Who says you can’t have dessert and still eat healthy. This app gives healthier alternatives for your sweet tooth.

20. Everest (Free): Everest is all about setting goals and recording your progress. Track your triumphs and feel inspired to keep your goals!

21. Endomodo (Free): Endomodo is another biking and running tracker that uses GPS. What sets it apart? The huge number of devices that support it!

22. Caveman Feast ($3): Interested in trying out a paleo diet? Caveman Feast is a great place to start with roughly 200 recipes to choose from.

23. Nike + Running (Free): For those who got a Nike Fuel band this Christmas, give it a little extra umph with the Nike + Running app!

24. Moves ($3): You’ve heard us rave about Moves before, and with its sleek style update, it’s even more fun to use than before.

25. Yoga Studio ($3): Yoga Studio brings the studio straight to your living room. Set a class schedule for yourself and build your own classes to get the perfect yoga workout every time.

26. Calm (Free): Meditation and relaxation are the key to a happy brain! This app makes it easy with beautiful nature videos, guided meditations, and relaxing music.

27. Yog (Free): Has your running buddy moved away? Yog lets you coordinate runs with anyone, anywhere, even halfway across the globe. Just pick your distance and your friend, then get ready to run!

28. Cooking Light Menu Maker ($4): Wish a personal assistant planned all your meals and took calories into account? Welcome to Cooking Light Menu Maker! Pick your main course, a few sides, and dessert and get nutritional information for the whole meal.

29. Lumosity (Free): Don’t forget to work out your brain as well! Lumosity uses games to give your brain the boost it needs to stay in tip-top shape.

30. Office Yoga ($1): Feeling stiff and slow at work? Do some yoga at your desk with these quick and easy poses! They’ve even got a travel yoga app and a office spa app!

Got an app that keeps you happy and healthy? Let us know in the comments below!