Call it a delayed back to school vibe, call it a love for knowledge that is both trivial and useful, call it a roundup of the best mobile trivia games around! Whether we’re painstakingly setting up Settlers of Catan for a game night in or pretending our iPhones are Gameboys, we love gaming here at Brit + Co. And what we really love are games that teach you a little something as well, especially ones that you can play on the go.

Here are 10 of our favorite mobile trivia apps, including one involving cats reenacting classic films. Enjoy!

1. Logos Quiz: Consider yourself a branding pro? Put those skills to the test with this fun logos quiz. Gotta love the mustachioed Pringles dude. (Free for iPhone, Android and Windows)

2. The Font Game: From the folks at I Love Typography comes the ultimate mobile game for type nerds. Train your eyes by learning more than 1000 font samples, and school your friends in the hall of fame. Once you’ve mastered fonts, move on to the Terminology portion of the game. (Free for iPhone)

3. SongPop: You already know we love this take on Name that Tune. This one does require an opponent but is definitely a solid way to pass your commute, so long as you have service. Choose from different genres and challenge your friends. Plus, it links seamlessly to the Facebook app making it easy to SongPop wherever you are! (Free for iPhone and Android)

4. Qrank: Not only does Qrank have thousands of trivia questions updated on a daily basis, but it lets you play socially with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and your contact list. Earn badges and compete with players you know as well as anyone in your city, state, or country. (Free for iPhone)

5. MovieCat: A trivia game about movies where instead of actual film clips they play animations of cats reenacting classic films? Yes. This is real, and it is awesome. ($1.99 for iPhone and Android)

6. Animal Planet Trivia Challenge: Budding zookeeper? Or just someone who loves knowing everything about the natural world? Animal Planet’s trivia challenge combines gorgeous photography from their archive with over 3,000 trivia questions covering everything from flora to fauna. ($1.99 for iPhone, $0.99 for Android)

7. ExQuizIt: One of the heaviest hitters on the trivia scene, ExQuizIt contains over 12,000 (that’s right, 12,000) challenging questions adjusted according to your geographical location, skill level, and selectable categories. Play solo or pass with friends on your next road trip. ($0.99 for iPhone and Android)

8. Trivial Pursuit: Gotta give our props to the original trivia masters over at Trivial Pursuit. The app doesn’t quite have the same drama as the classic game, but is a fun option. Once you’ve exhausted the archive, download new question packs! ($0.99 for iPhone)

9. Battle Trivia Lite: Calling all sports fans! Battle Trivia is arguably the best sports trivia app out there and is ideal for two players. If you don’t want to include a certain category like “Fighting,” for example, simply remove it from the list and you won’t get any questions from that category. So customizable! (Free for iPhone)

10. VH1 I Love the 90s: Yay! We are pretty much masters at this trivia game, and can’t get enough of it. “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!” (Free for iPhone)

Bonus, just because it exists:

Ke$ha Quizzle: Wow. Just. Wow. When did Ke$ha drop out of high school? (Free for iPhone)

What are your favorite mobile trivia apps for a little brain exercise on the go? Tell us your faves in the comments below or come talk to us on Twitter.