We don鈥檛 just envy Jennifer Aniston for her hair. As we鈥檝e seen from her frequent red carpet appearances (both on and off the arm of fianc茅聽 Justin Theroux) and from her recent roles on-screen, Jen鈥檚 also got a killer bod. But unlike her long, layered bob which *we* can DIY on a whim, we鈥檙e pretty clueless when it comes to hacking our workouts into a Jen-approved fitness routine. But celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber has cracked the code for tightening, toning and transforming your body inside and out, and it only takes 28 namaste-filled days.

The four-week virtual yoga retreat is called Yogalosophy ($6.99), an app that combines Ingber鈥檚 acclaimed body-sculpting workouts with lean-eating guidelines and motivating real talk that sounds like it鈥檚 coming from your gym gfs. And Ingred gets real fast, starting with what for many women may be the most challenging part of the plan: accepting your body as 鈥渁lready perfect.鈥 Hacking your mind, according to Ingber, is the key to triggering a full-fledged body makeover. Audible gulps allowed.

With hangups checked at the door, you鈥檙e ready to get your body moving with pre-planned routines, cardio options and daily poses that can all be done at your own pace throughout each day. But your workout isn鈥檛 over when your quads start shaking from chair pose. Y28 balances the physical (鈥測oga鈥) with the mental (鈥渓osophy鈥) by having you tune into daily intentions, complete breathing exercises and journal, including compiling a gratitude list to help spike your positivity. Sure, that last bit might sound like a plot point picked from Wanderlust, but think just how nice it鈥檒l be to carve out time to only reflect on life鈥檚 plusses after a stressful day at work or after the car you and Paul Rudd were driving breaks down on the grounds of a hippie commune (wait). And even on those days when you just can鈥檛 even, you can always turn to Ingber for a friendly pick-me-up 鈥淭here is nothing set in stone. Your body is a beautiful work in progress.鈥 Yeah, we鈥檙e already pumped for the Day 2 word love.

So are you ready to DL and whip your mind + body into shape? What other celebrity trainers motivate you to get up and moving? Tell us in the comments below.