Younger fans, you don鈥檛 want to miss tomorrow鈥檚 finale. Season 5 started with a major bombshell 鈥 Charles (Peter Hermann) finding out the truth about who Liza (Sutton Foster) really is 鈥 and according to star Hilary Duff, it鈥檒l end in a similarly jaw-dropping fashion on Tuesday, August 28.

鈥淛osh [Nico Tortorella] gets the shock of his lifetime. And something happens to Charles that makes a big life change for Kelsey,鈥 Duff teased Brit + Co in an interview to promote her partnership with Jif Peanut Butter鈥檚 鈥淚magine If, With Jif鈥 contest. 鈥淭he company鈥檚 been in trouble, and the young people in the office have not really been trusted with their decisions. But maybe that鈥檚 where the company should be headed.鈥

As for Liza鈥檚 plan to leave Empirical and live happily ever after with her former boss? 鈥淚鈥檒l just go ahead and say that, obviously, Liza and Charles are not running off into the sunset, because the show would be over,鈥 Duff said. 鈥淪o a little something happens there, too.鈥

The Liza-Charles news will likely disappoint a lot of #TeamCharles fans, but Duff, for one, has 鈥渁lways been鈥 #TeamJosh. 鈥淛osh is such a good guy!鈥 she told us. 鈥淒o you remember [in season 3], when Josh waited for her because he knew she was going to get drunk with her book club? I know he鈥檚 young, but he takes her so seriously. He鈥檚 not just messing around. And he brings out that fun side of her. I鈥檓 always Team Josh. I say it to Peter鈥檚 face all the time.鈥

Of course, we all know that the real love story on the show is between BFFs Liza and Kelsey. Liza made that clear earlier in the season, when she told Kelsey that if it were a choice between their friendship and her relationship with Charles, their friendship would win every time.

鈥淭hat was a really touching moment, when Liza was like, 鈥業f you鈥檙e asking me to choose, I鈥檓 gonna choose you.鈥 That was so monumental for Kelsey to hear, because I think she does still feel really lied to, even though she knows the truth and the reasoning behind it,鈥 Duff explained.

Liza more or less pointed that out herself in the penultimate episode of the season, when she told Kelsey she was leaving Millennial so her best friend wouldn鈥檛 have to lie for her anymore. It was a compassionate (and necessary) gesture, because Kelsey probably would have covered for Liza forever.

鈥淥nce she鈥檚 your friend, she鈥檚 got your back,鈥 Duff told Brit + Co of her character. 鈥淚 think that, almost like Lizzie McGuire, she鈥檚 just super relatable. She has good qualities and bad qualities, and she owns the bad qualities. She鈥檚 fierce and she鈥檚 smart and she does what she needs to do and she fights to be listened to. But she鈥檚 also a mess. She has that juxtaposition where it鈥檚 like, 鈥榃ait, how do you have everything figured out over here but you can鈥檛 figure out this?'鈥

Off-screen, Duff鈥檚 personal life is in a much more stable place than her character鈥檚. She and her boyfriend, Matthew Koma, are expecting a baby together 鈥 a little sister for Duff鈥檚 son Luca, whom she shares with Mike Comrie. Her role as a mom is actually part of the reason she got involved with Jif Peanut Butter鈥檚 鈥淚magine If, With Jif鈥 contest, which encourages kids to use creativity to better the world. It鈥檚 the kind of thing Duff鈥檚 Younger alter ego might have done as a child. 鈥淔or sure!鈥 the actress said. 鈥淎nd she would have won.鈥

The Younger season 5 finale airs Tuesday, August 28, at 10pm ET on TV Land.

(photos courtesy of TV Land + via Dia Dipasupil/Getty for Jif)