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Leighton Meester & Robbie Amell's Best Advice For Running Into An Ex Over The Holidays

There's nothing like cramming half a dozen people who don't live together into a single house.


Morgan Kohan Just Teased "Sullivan's Crossing" Season Two

The actress also shares the one detail that makes the show feel like home.


What Selena Gomez Is Actually Like Behind The Scenes

The inside scoop, from two women who have worked with her.

Celebrity News

Scott Patterson Says "Sullivan's Crossing" Is More Of A Career Defining Moment Than "Gilmore Girls"

The actor spills on his go-to coffee, and why he's just as "hypnotized" by the show as we are.


Amber Venz Box's Recipe For Success? Slow Living For Her Family *And* Her Business

She swears by three things to help keep her family life and business afloat.


Geri Halliwell-Horner Told Us Her Best Spice Girls Memory

The singer and author spilled on her new book "Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen" and why redheads have the most fun.

Pop Culture

"High School Musical" Season 4 Designer María Aguilar On Recreating Iconic Looks And Working On "Dawson's Creek"

We talked to the designer about recreating the iconic looks from the original movies, and working with The WB on Dawson's Creek.

Pop Culture

Rom-Coms In 2023 Almost Made Me Stop Believing In Love. Then I Watched "Love At First Sight."

We sat down with the author and director to discuss life and love, Haley Lu Richardson, and the one thing that sets this film apart.


Sarah Jessica Parker Doesn't Want You To Worry About Wrinkles

The SATC star talked to us about optimism, RoC Skincare, and the #LookForwardProject.


Emma Roberts Shared Her *Flawless* Skincare Routine With Us

This busy, beautiful mom knows how to look good on the go!

Celebrity News

Cara Rose DiPietro's TikToks Are The Perfect Antidote For A Bad Day

We sat down with the performer to talk all things Broadway — and how to find what sets your soul on fire.

Pop Culture