Easter is a day to look your Sunday best. Bust out your fancy hat, your pretty dresses and throw on some high heels. And guys, you better perfectly coif your hair and prune that mustache. Here at Brit + Co we’re in the swing of Easter decorating, and we’ve got a bunch of egg tutorials to share with you. For today’s easy egg idea we’re going to show you how to make your eggs dapper with ‘staches. We’ve even got a printable for you.



– Brit + Co mustache printable (download here)

– hard-boiled eggs

– various pens (fine point, paint and sharpies)

 – xacto knife

– cutting mat

– Scotch® Double-Sided Tape


 1. Print your Brit + Co mustache printable.

2. Cut out the mustaches using your xacto knife.

3. Color your mustaches using various pens.

4. Draw a face on your egg leaving room for the ‘stache.

5. Adhere the mustache to your egg with Scotch® Double-Sided Tape.

We’ve got so many mustaches for you to choose from! Love a good handlebar? Or maybe a dirty ‘stache? We’ve got them all on our printable.


Cut your mustaches with an xacto knife. Alternatively, a small pair of sewing scissors will help you wind your way around the curvy hairs. We know, mustaches aren’t usually pink, but it’s a holiday and your egg wants to look good and fashion forward, so give him a break and get creative with your colors. Secure your mustache to the egg using Scotch® Double-Sided Tape. A glue stick will work too.


Here’s where you can get really creative. Draw faces on your eggs making sure to leave a gap for the mustache. We made a scuba diver, a hipster, Uncle Penny Bags, a hilarious little guy with Weird Al locks and a pirate eye patch, and a few others. Have fun with it.


Presenting the Brit + Co Team Mustache!


They’ve been working on a band name. The top three are: “The Eda Bills,” “Yolk’s On You,” and “The Uncrackables.”

Place your votes in the comments below. Or add your own band name.