This season, Hallmark’s Studio Ink released 10 totally adorable holiday cards by artist Colin Walsh to bring some color and laughter to the holidays. We absolutely love the playfulness and focus on artist collaborations seen in Studio Ink’s collections, which is why we’ve partnered with them to make it a merry Christmas by matching these cards up with the VIPs in your life.


There’s something special about sending handwritten cards this time of year — there’s no better way to show someone you care. With Studio Ink making you holiday-card rich, it’s time to make it snow!

So, read on to see what names you should add to your Christmas card list.


1. Share a smile with the cat lover in your life. The Kitty Holiday Sweater card kills it on two fronts — crazy cats *and* ugly sweaters. OMG, come on! “Deck yourself before your wreck yourself?” It is so freaking cute, it’s beyond words. We have no doubt this card will bring a smile to its recipient’s face, which is why you should get it in the mail ASAP.


2. Give sweet kisses to your long-distance boo. You can still get a little frisky this holiday season, even when mistletoe may not be an option. Send love the old-fashioned way with the playfully endearing Frisky Cardinals card. Fill it with adoring love poems, Christmas wishes and sweet nothings.


3. Make spirits bright for your bestie’s parents. Whether you realize it or not, your BFF’s ‘rents have probably played a significant role in your life. From hosting you for countless sleepovers to feeding you from their pantry, these folks should not go unacknowledged. After all, they are responsible for raising your truest partner in crime. Studio Ink’s Peace and Joy to Everyone is perfect for giving them an update on how you’re doing and showing appreciation for their support throughout the years.


4. Bid good tidings to a friend on the fritz. It’s the season of giving, and perhaps it’s time to give some forgiveness. Do you have a friend who you’ve recently felt at odds with? Let it go, and give them the Peace Love Peppermint card. Get ready to show a bit of sweetness and let them know what this season is really about.


5. Dispatch delight to your favorite rebel. Help keep the misfit in your life off the Naughty List with this So Good Christmas card. Remind them of all that is merry and bright and let them know how they’ve been oh-so good to you this past year.


6. Drop a line to an old roommate. Sure, you may have lost touch, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give an old roomie some love this season. The Beaver With Stocking card is just what you need for that very occasion. You may not be up to date on each others’ latest escapades, but there’s no better time to let them know you’re thinking about them.


7. Send a bit of color to someone with a white Christmas. We on the West Coast may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but for some, the weather outside can be frightful this time of year. So, why not emit good vibes with The Holiday Way card. The super cute designs and patterns on this card are certain to bring warmth to the hearts of your loved ones suffering from cabin fever.


8. Spark holiday cheer for your work wife. From traveling and time with family to closing out a busy quarter, this time of year can also bring on major stress. It’s time to bring the joy back to Christmas time for your ride-or-die coworker, with the Get Your Joy On card. While the anxiety of the season is real, you can use this card to remind them to let the good times roll (like at the company holiday party, for example).


9. Give season’s greetings to your cool aunt. We all have at least one, right? (And honestly, most of us hope that we are one!) So, why not let your parent’s sibling know that you value their love, support and all-around awesomeness with the Reindeer Ride Christmas Card? You can show them how they’ve been a shining light in your life.


10. Spread joy to all, including yourself. No matter where you stand, we can all reflect on what a wild year it’s been. With that said, there couldn’t be a more poignant message to send this season than the Exclamation Points card. It’s a good reminder that we’re all part of the same world and we can always do our part to spread joy, peace, love and happiness to all.

DIY Production and Styling: Irene Lee and Union Hill Studios

Photography: Tory Putnam and Union Hill Studios