After a whirlwind holiday season full of dinner parties and baking marathons, you may be re-evaluating your kitchen gadgets. Maybe you’ve vowed to make more home-cooked meals in 2016 (New Year’s resolution, anyone?) or maybe you’ve realized your collection of culinary basics just won’t hack it in your #girlboss apartment. If your kitchen swag is reading more dormitory than grown-up kitchen, consider adding some of these 23 kitchen essentials to your cupboards and countertops.


1. Hedley & Bennett Abalone Apron ($105): Protect your clothing even while you make a mess in the kitchen. This handcrafted apron made from American chambray makes for a stylish accessory to any outfit you wear while cooking up a delicious meal.


2. Thermapen Mk4 ($99): This thermometer is the only one you’ll ever need in your kitchen. It reads meat, candy and breads — really anything with a temperature — in less than two seconds. Plus, it’s waterproof.


3. Zyliss Julienne Peeler ($9): Save yourself some prep time with this peeler. It’ll julienne vegetables in one step for slaws, stir-fries and even zoodles.


4. The Cook’s Carrot ($15): It might be tempting, but don’t drop this carrot lookalike in your soup! This whisk is made from silicone, so it’s super comfortable to use *and* a breeze to clean.


5. Kyocera Ceramic 5 1/2-Inch Pink Santoku Knife ($50): Pro tip: Ceramic knives are best for cutting fresh fruit and vegetables. This santoku-style ceramic knife is easy to handle and, as an added bonus, it’s pink!


6. Tom Dixon Eclectic Collection Stone Mortar and Pestle ($239): A mortar and pestle is the kitchen workhorse you need in your life. You can grind curry paste, crush garlic and even make guacamole in it. Once you invest in one of these, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever lived without it.


7. KitchenAid 4-Quart Multi-Cooker ($350): This multi-cooker is a life changer. It has 10 settings, including “risotto,” “sear” and “yogurt”… whatever that means.


8. Opinel Les Essential Colored Knife Set ($56): Bring back a little souvenir from the French Alps without the visit. This beautiful set comes with every knife you need for next-level cooking skills — paring, serrated, vegetable and peeler.


9. SMEG Blender ($250): This retro-inspired blender is all you need for creamy milkshakes, energizing smoothies and silky soups. And its sleek design means you won’t have to hide it at the back of the shelf.


10. Lékué Large Muffin Cups, Set of 6 ($10) Making muffins in these big, colorful cups is a perfect way to bake up a breakfast treat while feeling good about your contribution to the environment. Bonus: Their silicone material makes them easy to clean, so you’re free to reuse them as many times as you like.


11. Staub Marin-Blue Baker (from $145+): Every grown-up household needs a solid baker. The high walls on this pan make it ideal for pan juices from roasts or nestling loaves of bread.


12. Staub Saffron Round Cocottes ($185+): This Dutch oven will be your new go-to pot. The enamel-on-cast-iron coating makes for an even heat distributor that’s hard for food to stick to. Try using it for ragu, stews or a no-knead bread.


13. Boska Holland Life Tapas Fondue Set ($40): When you’re looking to up your dinner party game, a fondue set is just the tool you need in your back pocket. It’s amazing how that little tea light can make cheese even more delicious.


14. La Cafetière 9 Cup Blue Espresso Coffee Maker ($30): It’s hard to believe this little espresso maker can make nine cups. If your living situation has you pressed for space, know that this pot takes up a lot less room than a coffee maker.


15. Cuisinart DLC-2A Food Processor ($60): This food processor does everything a regular food processor can — it chops, blends and grinds. It just happens to look a lot cuter doing it.


16. KitchenAid Stand Mixer ($570): For people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the KitchenAid mixer is a life saver. It also doubles as a bright kitchen accessory, available in a variety of fun colors.


17. The Host Color Block Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set ($12): These wooden utensils — a classic kitchen staple — are elevated via next-level colorful accents. They’ll tie your table scheme together as salad serving utensils.


18. Four-Quart Kobenstyle Casserole ($100): This striking casserole is the pot you want to have out on your stove at all times. The lid doubles as a trivet when inverted, so it makes for an eye-catching centerpiece on your table as well.


19. Urban Outfitters Stainless Tea Kettle ($29): Sure, electric kettles heat up faster, but they can be eyesores and take up valuable counter space. This stainless steel tea kettle can sit out of the way on your stove, and would be a great pop of color in any kitchen.


20. Fishs Eddy Gilded Petit Four Stand ($59): Put all your dessert masterpieces on display with this pastel-colored petit four stand. If you’re a stickler for organization, you can color code your arrangement with chocolates on the top, linzer cookies in the middle and meringues on the lower tier. Professional-looking dessert display achieved.


21. Alexander Girard Grid Tray ($95+): This colorful radiant tray is both a work of art and a useful vessel for serving food or organizing barware. You’re so cultured!


22. 9-Piece Nest Set ($50): This set of bowls and measuring utensils covers all your mixing *and* measuring needs. With so many pieces to one set, its nesting capabilities come in quite handy for saving space.


23. Dansk Kobenstyle Butter Warmer ($40): The charming wooden handle and vibrant enamel make this pot an instant grown-up kitchen favorite. It might surprise you how often you reach for this adorable little guy.

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