If there鈥檚 a one-dish answer to all those #MeatlessMondays when you just don鈥檛 have enough time to cook after work, vegetarian casserole recipes are it. That鈥檚 right, no more dissatisfied Monday nights spent eating potato chips in bed because that stir-fry just didn鈥檛 cut it. Vegetarian casseroles have got your back, and they鈥檙e even better when you can prep them the night before. They鈥檙e hearty, melt-in-your-mouth good, and will earn you brownie points (or yummy broccoli recipe points) with every vegetarian聽meal lover on the block. Here are the recipes you need to rock meatless any day of the week.

Late Summer Vegetable Tian

1. Late Summer Vegetable Tian: Summer squash and plum tomatoes are the stars in this vegetable casserole. A sprinkling of gruyere gives this dish a salty boost, but not much stands in the way of these fresh veggies shining through. (via From a Chef鈥檚 Kitchen)


2. Healthy Mexican Casserole With Roasted Corn and Peppers: This super-healthy casserole is inspired by a frozen dinner you can find in any grocery store. No offense to that version, but this is way better, especially fresh out of the oven. It鈥檚 a giant, cheesy vegetarian enchilada 鈥 what鈥檚 not to love? (via Pinch of Yum)


3. Sweet Potato Gratin This sweet potato gratin with sage and gruyere is everything you want. It鈥檚 crispy and caramelized on the outside but creamy and rich once you break the surface. Grab a fork and dig in! (via Brit + Co)


4. Healthy Baked Pesto Rigatoni: The very green pesto in this pasta bake gets its color from spinach, kale and basil. In this case, it鈥檚 very easy being green when you鈥檙e a pesto casserole. Delish! (via Pinch of Yum)


5. Easy Green Bean Casserole: The green bean casserole has been a staple of American holiday fare since 1955 when it was created by Campbell Soup. It鈥檚 a strange combination of ingredients 鈥 mushrooms and green beans in a creamy, umami-rich sauce, topped with crispy fried onions 鈥 that somehow still works together after all these years. (via Damn Delicious)


6. Roasted Garlic Ratatouille: Don鈥檛 tell France about this ratatouille. It gets a slight modification from possibly the most American ingredient ever 鈥 ranch dressing powder. You can call it sacrilege, but after one bite you might hear a chorus of angels. (via The Food Charlatan)


7. Creamy Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole: This broccoli and mushroom casserole is made with coconut milk, so in addition to being dairy-free, it鈥檚 also subtly sweet and complex in flavor. For such a simple dish to make, the taste is complex and delish. (via The Iron You)


8. Rustic Polenta Casserole With Mushrooms and Swiss Chard: This recipe from America鈥檚 Test Kitchen鈥檚 The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook is so delicious, you won鈥檛 mind eating it three days in a row. The polenta makes this veggie casserole hearty without being heavy so you can catch up on New Girl without falling asleep. (via Oh My Veggies)


9. Eggplant, Tomato and Chickpea Casserole: Though this Middle Eastern dish is typically served cold or at room temperature, it鈥檚 delicious and filling any way you bake it. Serve with freshly warmed pita or bread for dipping. (via The New York Times)

Four-Cheese-Sun-Dried-Tomato-Spinach-Pasta-Bake-645x968 copy

10. One-Pan Four Cheese Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach Drunken Pasta Bake: Pass the cheese, please! All four of them. This pasta casserole is a cheese lover鈥檚 dream but it鈥檚 still healthy because there are sun dried tomatoes and spinach in there. (via Half Baked Harvest)


11. Creamy Caprese Quinoa Bake: Swap pasta for quinoa in this luscious casserole for a healthy, protein-filled twist. It鈥檚 loaded with fragrant basil and sweet grape tomatoes, making this one casserole you won鈥檛 be able to resist. (via Half Baked Harvest)


12. Vegetarian Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Casserole: Autumn squash can be a challenge to prepare. It often comes out lacking in taste or pizazz. Look no further than this mock lasagna that uses squash in place of noodles and doesn鈥檛 taste the tiniest bit bland. (via Uproot聽Kitchen)


13. Eggplant Gratin With Tomato, Herbs and Creme Fraiche: Baking eggplant in layers of tomato sauce and creme fraiche transform it into a velvety, fleshy vegetable you won鈥檛 be able to get enough of. See ya later, meat! (via The Iron You)


14. Parsnip Gratin With Gruyere and Thyme: It鈥檚 time to give parsnips a chance. Sub out boring old potatoes with slightly sweet and earthy parsnips in this gratin filled with flavor. Your taste buds will thank you. (via Feasting at Home)


15. Healthy Mushroom Alfredo Pasta Bake: Though this casserole has a creamy alfredo sauce that binds it together, it still manages to hit the spot without weighing you down. The secret is that the alfredo sauce is made with cauliflower instead of cream. You鈥檒l have no regrets. (via Pinch of Yum)


16. Mushroom Marsala Pasta Bake: If you have a pot that can be transferred from stovetop to oven, you can make this pasta bake in no time. This is good because you won鈥檛 want to wait to dive into this meaty (but still meatless) casserole, which gets a tasty kick from dry marsala wine. (via Smitten Kitchen)


17. Gruyere White Cheddar and Kale Strata: This cheesy kale casserole can be enjoyed any time of day, even though it鈥檚 traditionally intended to be a breakfast casserole. It鈥檚 eggy, it鈥檚 cheesy, it鈥檚 bready and it has kale in it! This is your new favorite breakfast for dinner. (via The Endless Meal)

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