The holidays are full of so many magical things — from delicious food to family time and age-old traditions, there is something for everyone to enjoy. But at some point, even the jolliest of holiday lovers need a little boost to get them through the season. Never fear, my dear: We’re sharing 17 essential items that are sure to maintain your sanity and help you weather the holidays like a champ. Read on and check ’em out.

90s coloring

1. ’90s Coloring Book ($10): Who can resist cracking a smile when presented with this, much less actually coloring in it? No one, that’s the answer. Anyone who remembers even one iota of information about the ’90s will delight at the sight of this coloring book.

glitter polish

2. Gold Glitter Nail Polish ($18): Glitter nail polish is not only beautiful, but it’s also about as whimsical and good-vibe-inducing as it gets. Paint your nails with this and smile with delight every time you spot your own nails.

convo sparks

3. Conversation Sparks Book ($13): If conversation is what worries you about the holidays, fret no more. This teeny little book slips innocuously into any bag and is there to back you up whenever you need a little inspo for conversation.


4. Mini Drone ($99): Practicing your drone flying skills is an awesome and stealthy way to get yourself a little alone time when your family gets to be too much. Also, it’s a sure win with your little cousins who, if you’re lucky, will keep you busy drone-flying for hours.

floral tat

5. Floral Temporary Tats ($6): Temporary tats at family dinner? Yes, please. They’ll be a fun little curveball for everyone and a stylish outfit add-on for you. That’s a win-win in our book.

grumpy cat tee

6. Grumpy Cat Tee ($20): If you’re feeling grumpy, but not very comfortable expressing that around your lovely family, let this tee do the talking for you. Plus, you might even find a common love for internet memes with the most unsuspecting member of your family.

hangover prevention

7. Fick’s Hangover Prevention ($13): Sometimes indulging in adult beverages is what ends up taking over the holidays, but hangovers plus some less-than-voluntary family time are simply the worst. Prevent the former with Ficks cocktail fortifier. You’ll thank yourself later, we promise.


8. Self-Exploration Journal ($16): What better place to start (or continue!) a journey of self-exploration than during the holidays? It’s a time that stirs up more emotions than usual. Take advantage of some time off work to sift through your thoughts, and you’ll be better for it come New Year’s Eve.

pac nails

9. Pac Man Nail Art ($7): When you get a bit bored, instead of being that person who hangs on her phone all by herself, why not be that girl who plays an analog game of Pac Man with her stellar nail art instead? Cool points abound.

posi pens

10. Positive Pens ($5): Speaking of journaling, take advantage of the positive vibes that these pens give off and maybe even channel them into your holiday mood when energy is running low. Hey, it happens to the best of us.


11. Nail Art Class and Kit ($54): If you need some alone time, blame it on the nail art class that you bought recently. Bonus: Not only do you get some well-deserved solo time, but you also get to buff up your nail art skills just in time for New Years.

recipe box

12. Floral Recipe Box ($34): This floral recipe box is not only gorgeous, but it also gives you a mission during the holidays: collecting all the yummy family recipes you love. This way you can store them in style and share them with generations to come for years and years.

santa tee

13. Santa Tee ($12): If you’re not the type to find holiday cheer inside yourself, try putting it on the outside. Sometimes a fitting outfit is all you need to get in the mood. A good time will inevitably ensue.


14. Sriracha Bloody Mary Mix ($8): If you’re part of a crew that starts boozing early, impress everyone with this delicious and spicy mix that will add a little heat to the snowy holidays. And if you’re not in the boozing crowd, enjoy it virgin style — it’s just as good.

TY tee

15. Thank You Tee ($12): Sometimes you just can’t muster the words and you need something else to do it for you. Whether you’re killing it at life and responding to compliments or striving to express gratitude to everyone who got you a gift, this shirt embodies the sentiment and only requires a pointer finger to explain it.

watercolor cake kit

16. Watercolor Cake Kit ($34): If your holiday task is to provide dessert, this watercolor-inspired beauty is the way to go. Develop your baking skills and provide a yummy holiday treat at the same time.

watercolor kit

17. Watercolor Calligraphy Kit ($24): The holidays mean presents, and presents mean thank-you notes galore. Deliver them in handmade style with our watercolor calligraphy kit and use your skills for events to come.

Which of these life savers is going to be your salvation over the holidays? Let us know in the comments!