When you’re a #girlboss, you know you’re really never notnetworking. It doesn’t matter if you’re living it up on your well-earned warm weather vacation or catching up with your boo at happy hour, an opportunity to advance your career could come knocking at any moment. And according to the folks at Uber, a ton of people are finding ways to climb the corporate ladder while splitting a fare with a stranger. Since launching in 2014, UberPOOL has handed out more than 250 million shared rides — a whopping 20 percent of total rides in the 30 cities it currently serves — and unexpectedly, a lot of career opportunities. Below, we hear first-hand from six riders who turned a trip across town into a positive career move.

Happy businessman talking to his female colleague in the car.

1. Not-So-Newbie: “It wasn’t a super long ride or anything, but when I got in the UberPOOL I confirmed my address with the driver, and the other rider recognized it because he used to work there. I let him know it was actually my first day of work, and he gave me incredibly poignant advice and a handful of people I should go introduce myself to. I listened to him, and it opened a lot of doors for me that first week, so I’m very thankful!” — Rob, Chicago

2. Getting Ahead of the Game: “This past May, I was riding home in Manhattan during my recruiting period and NYU finals. I engaged in a conversation with the other POOLer, and I learned that he worked at a very prestigious media agency. After chatting, he offered me an interview on the spot. I emailed the HR contact he gave me and I found myself interviewing for a great company just a week after!! #UberPoolXProfessional” — Natalia, New York

3. Blushing Bride: “Someone needed a makeup artist for a wedding, and ended up booking me!” — Francis, Toronto

4. Recruiting During a Ride: “A couple months ago I was sitting in an UberPOOL in traffic from Laguardia Airport with another rider. My phone rang and I asked if I could take the call since it was work-related (I always like to ask other riders!). He said of course, I took the call, and when I hung up, he asked if I was a recruiter. I said yes, and he told me he was looking for a job. I gave him my email address and he sent me his resume a few days later. I took a look and gave him some advice. It was such an unexpected collaboration!” — Randi, New York

5. Meeting the Boss: “Because the ride was a longer one, I had enough time to hold an actual conversation with a stranger. He happened to be his own boss who was hiring and offered me an opportunity I simply couldn’t refuse. It was definitely a life-changing experience.” — Elizabeth,Boston

6. The Right Fit: “I was looking for a new employee for my company and overheard my other passenger complaining about her job. When I decided to ask her what type of work she was looking for, it turned out it was just what I needed. I have her scheduled for an interview this week!” — Bill, Philadelphia

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