It’s never too early to start planning your next tropical vacation — hey, science says you need a beach vacation to stay creative! Whether you’re booking your first solo trip, going on a romantic getaway or planning a bestie vacay, it’s always fun to give yourself something to look forward to once temperatures drop and seasonal affective disorder sets in. The only issue is deciding where and when to go. To help solve that problem, we put together a list of common tropical spots easily accessible from the US and the best time to hit em up, holiday style.



When: Late November

Average Temp: 85F

Why: If your family doesn’t get together for Thanksgiving, or you’d just rather spend your precious days off poolside rather than table-side, try Curacao. The KLM Curacao Marathon is on November 27, and with it comes a whole host of weekend activities that you can enjoy — whether you’re running or not!

St. George’s, Grenada

The Carenage, St. George's, Grenada W.I.

When: December

Average Temp: 85F

Why: Tourism season doesn’t officially kick off in Grenada until January, so both flights and hotels are super affordable in December. We suggest staying in St. George’s so you can get a little city exploring in with your beach bumming. Be sure to book a snorkeling trip with Aquanauts to experience the creepy underwater sculpture park.

Miami, Florida

Art Deco District Miami South Beach

When: December 1-4, 2016

Average Temp: 76F

Why: If you’ve got some cash to spare and want to add some culture (and glitter) to your next girls’ weekend, visit Miami during Art Basel in December. Even if you can’t afford to buy art like a celeb, it’s only $55 for a day pass to explore all the exhibition spaces. Plus, you can stop by the street art haven of Wynwood Walls for a killer #ootd snap for free.

Tulum, Mexico

Coastline at Tulum ruins

When: February

Average temp: 84F

Why: While Tulum is definitely on the luxe list for lots of celebs and style bloggers alike, there’s a wide range of price points at this Yucatan Peninsula hot spot, making it a perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day getaway. Check out Airbnb for awesome deals on some seriously swank condos (hello, private infinity pool!). You’ll want to check out the Mayan Ruins close by, but otherwise, this is a place to simply eat tacos, drink margaritas and soak up some sun.

Maui, Hawaii

South maui sunset

When: Late March

Average Temp: 82F

Why: Maui is like the Goldilocks of the Hawaiian islands — not too big, not too small, not too touristy and not too remote. March is prime whale watching time and the beaches are less crowded than in the middle of winter, so book your spring break trip pronto!

San Pedro, Belize

Beautiful Island in Belize

When: Late March and early April

Average Temp: 83F

Why: It’s still warm and sunny during the spring, but tourist season is tapering off. The waters are calm, which means it’s the perfect time to snorkel and scuba dive in that clear turquoise water. Book an all-day catamaran sail with Ecologic Divers for just $85 a person; there’s an open bar on board, the ship docks at two snorkel sites and you get plenty of time to spend exploring both the water and islands (and rumor has it, you often get to swim with dolphins and manatees on these trips!).

St. Lucia

St. Lucia paradise view

When: Early May

Average Temp: 85F

Why: Late spring still brings with it temperamental weather for most of the US, so make a late escape in May when tourist season has died down but the temperatures are still way up. Plus, the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival is held every year around this time, which boasts a week’s worth of music, art, theater, dance and food events and vendors for your vacation enjoyment.

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