One of our favorite couples costume duos is back at it again! This time, they’re modeling a look that Kelly Bryden and I teamed up to create — a rainbow and pot of gold couples costume! It’s one thing to bang out themed favorites like Suicide Squad movie characters, but it’s another to create a costume based on a concept that could literally take you anywhere, so we were stoked to unleash our creativity. From that suit and a pot of gold to the rainbow-cloud makeup (one of my favorite looks yet), here’s the scoop on how to recreate these outfits for you and your lovah!


How to Make a Rainbow + Pot of Gold Costume


Materials + Tools:

  • rainbow men’s suit
  • gold cotton t-shirt
  • inflatable beverage cauldron cooler
  • black cotton leggings
  • gold coins
  • white baseball cap
  • fiber fill


1. Cut out the bottom section of the beverage cooler to turn it into a piece you can step through.

2. Add gold coins to a gold t-shirt.

3. Use spray adhesive to add fiberfill to a baseball hat to turn it into a cloud.


How to Do Makeup For Pot of Gold


Prep: Flawless Face With Extra Bronzer + Highlight: Follow this flawless face makeup tutorial to get your base makeup for this look. Go heavier on the bronzer and highlighter.

Step 1: Mixed Metal Eyes: The idea here is to use silvers and different hues of golden shadow to bring depth and foundation, so light can reflect for that golden glimmer! Keep the brighter shadows like silver on the inside corners of your eyes and on your brow bones. I used a very reflective golden shadow on her eyelids and eyebrows and then a slightly deeper golden shadow to the crease of her eyes to make it pop.

Finishing Touches: Liner, Mascara + Lipstick: Line your entire eye with a black liner and then apply a few coats of mascara! I went with a bright pink lipstick over a red for a more unexpected look. That, and Anj’s favorite lip hue is anything pink — so why not?! You can go with any color of the rainbow here!

How to Do Makeup for Rainbow


Prep: Light Foundation: If you’re doing this makeup on yourself, then follow the same flawless face tutorial for your base makeup, but if it’s for a male, then all you need is a light touch of foundation as a base on which you can apply the rainbow and clouds.

Step 1: Rainbow Eyes: This is actually really simple to recreate; all you need is the rainbow colors in the Ben Nye Cream Color Line ($7) and either a small paintbrush or makeup brush to apply it with. I started off with the red and then worked my way out to the purple. Each new color slightly overlaps the first one for a blended look.

Step 2: Clouds on Clouds: This is my favorite part of the look! Use the same Ben Nye Color Cream in white to make clouds. I applied them using a fluffy shadow brush and worked my way around the rainbow and his eyes.

Finishing Touches: Set Makeup: Put a layer of translucent powder over the makeup by gently stippling over so you don’t mess up your design. I love the Ben Nye Face Powder ($7) for this step. If you’re doing this on yourself, then you can add mascara or lashes to complete the look.


Of course, one of B+C’s mascot pups had to jump into the mix!

DIY Cotton Tie Dye Rainbow Suit Option

If you really want to keep this look DIY, then make this amazing suit!


Follow instructions on the tie-dye box and mix in squirt bottles. Wet your white clothes and lay out flat on a drop cloth. Squirt dye in even lines across the clothing to create rainbow stripes. Let dry and then wash alone in the washing machine.

If you’d rather buy a suit, you can get the Faerynicethings Over the Rainbow Suit ($79) on Amazon.

You and your sidekick will undoubtedly have a blast rocking these numbers! Want to make this a group costume? Go even bigger and add a few clouds to the mix by dressing up more of your squad or family!

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Hair/Makeup/Creative Direction: Misty Spinney
Costume DIY/Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photographer: Kurt Andre
Model: Anjelika + David Temple

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