Finding the perfect jeans is one of life’s greatest mysteries and intense undertakings. Luckily, the ladies over at NYDJ are here to make the journey to the best-fitting pair a little easier. The denim brand, known for pioneering slimming technology, is turning the process of finding flattering jeans into a bona fide party. This summer, they introduced NYDJ Fit Parties, a program that brings a specialist straight to your home so you and your nearest and dearest can be outfitted in style.

We chatted with Kate Foster, the CMO and EVP of NYDJ (that’s a lot of letters people!) about why denim is actually perfect for the warm-weather season, what moves to make when testing a pair of jeans, and the benefits of trying on styles with friends. (Photo via NYDJ)

Watch the video below to find out all her secrets and tips.

As if you needed more reasons to love this label, NYDJ also recently launched a charity initiative called Clothes4souls. Through Clothes4souls, NYDJ will donate one item of clothing to benefit women in need for every pair of jeans that are tried on in 2017. And now you don’t even have to leave your home to meet your denim soulmate.


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