Anyone who’s ever been on a date (like, really just one date) knows finding “the one” is no easy task. Even if you took an online soulmate test and signed up for every dating app, it’s highly likely that you still end your day wondering when the universe is finally going to gift your lifelong partner. If you’re searching for a little bit of scientific insight, you might want to check out a recent survey conducted by’s UK branch that reveals when most daters meet their match. In a comprehensive new study that dives into all the major dating milestones, the dating website has revealed that people in Britain tend to meet “the one” at age 27.

match_dating_journey surveyed over 2,000 men and women to map out the average dating journey, from first meeting to getting hitched to having kids. They’ve also gone ahead and illustrated that info in this well-designed infographic – which kind of looks eerily like a real life version of the board game Life, right?!

Contrary to what we learned in grade school, it looks as though daters are more willing to kiss than to hold hands. The study revealed that the first kiss might happen immediately but folks will wait one to two weeks to begin holding hands. When the skipping starts, we’re not totally sure.

Couple-in-Love-000053401968_Medium also mentions that those big three words (we’re talking about “I love you”) are spoken on average after five months of dating (144 days). British daters also see that milestone as the time to update their social media relationship status. A quick trip or major vacation is likely to happen after the first year (between 204-298 days) and you can expect that major “where do you see this going” chat to go down shortly after that.

Now, back to that magical age when you might meet the one. According to’s findings, women are more likely to meet that special someone earlier in life at age 25, whereas men meet their match closer to 28. However, 50% of the folks the website surveyed all meet their partner at some point during their 20s.

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