Over the years, Christina Aguilera — Xtina, if you’re nasty — has rocked some seriously edgy hairstyles. From chunky highlights to sleek asymmetrical haircuts and miles and miles of weave, Christina has been FEARLESS. For her recent performances, Ms. Aguilera has been rocking some really cool pierced hairstyles, with both straight and wavy hair, and the Brit + Co. team has been in L-O-V-E. But is the look wearable in real life?

I decided to hit up my local office supply store (yeah, you read that right) to see if I could hack Christina’s punk look for a night out for drinks with a friend. On the (super) cheap.


Pierced Braid

To start the look off, you need braids. I braided my hair down the middle but stopped braiding just past the crown of my head to make my part that much more exciting. Then I added a black elastic, to match my hair color, at the end of the braid to make sure it wouldn’t unravel. If you don’t know how to braid, we have you covered with these easy-to-follow braid tutorials.


Pierced Braid

Open up your loose-leaf rings, put them through your braid and close them. I used hoops like these ACCO Loose Leaf Binder Rings ($10). Be sure to leave about half an inch between each ring. Don’t worry about making the spaces between each ring equal. It looks so much more punk when the spaces are of varying distances.


And that’s it: You’re done! I got a lot of stares and curious glances while wearing this look, and the waitress at the bar I went to fell in love with it. I pulled out my phone and showed her the pic of Christina rocking this look to prove that even people with thin hair can rock it too.

Pierced Braid

Too punk rock for this.

What do you think: Will you be rocking pierced braids? Tag us on Instagram @BritandCo if you do!

(Featured image via @xtina)