Remember that time when you were a kid and you got gum in your hair? Eventually, your mom just had to cut it out and then you spent a tear-stained afternoon in the stylist’s chair while she evened you out. Turns out you were just ahead of the trend by about 20 years. Everywhere we look, we see celebs rocking asymmetrical cuts. We’ve already bought the clothing, so it might just be time to sport a matching ‘do. Here are 16 celebs who rock the look so well — save these images to your phone and bring to the salon for your next cut!

1. Ashley Olsen: Ashley looks sleek and polished at the MET ball thanks to her asymmetrical lob. If you’re already sporting a bob like the rest of the universe, this is an easy way to make yourself stand out from the masses. (via Achse Berlin London)

2. Rita Ora: Rita’s disheveled hair is only slightly asymmetrical, longer on one side of her jaw than the other. But that doesn’t make it any less bold. This style maven’s razor-y bob has us all feeling some major hair evny. (via Trend Survivor)

3. Victoria Beckham: Posh Spice has been rocking an asymmetrical look off and on for quite some time. But what sets her apart are the feathered ends, which gives her the illusion of a slightly longer cut. (via Style 225)

4. Shailene Woodley: When Shailene chopped off her gorgeous thick locks to play Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars, the style blogs went wild. And this little asymmetrical pixie’s hair somehow transformed into a silky-fine sleek look when she made the cut. (via Page Six)

5. Rihanna: According to celebrity stylist Oded Gabay, asymmetrical cuts are great for your 20s, when you still haven’t quite figured out what cut looks the best with your face shape. So go ahead; take some risks. It will all grow back. Just ask Rihanna, another longtime fan of the asymmetric bob. (via Redbook)

6. Nicole Gale Anderson: If we had to pick one asymmetric look to be our starter cut, it would probably be Nicole’s. It’s slightly longer in front than in back, to help those of us transitioning from long hair, and the shape is super flattering for most face shapes. (via Just Jared Jr)

7. Chelsea Kane: Chelsea’s hair varies in length, but she stays pretty loyal to her asymmetric style. We love the feathered look her longer side has. (via Monsters + Critics)

8. Keri Hilson: Keri rocks an exaggerated asymmetrical bob. And no matter if she’s wearing curly, straight, choppy, sleep, blond or black locks, the girl always looks 100 percent chic. (via Galeria Saharaui)

9. Michelle Williams: An inspiration for short-hair girls everywhere, this longer take on her usual pixie cut is topped off with a swoopy bang. Forget a Bieber; we’ll take a Michelle. (via NY Mag)

10. Cheryl Cole: Cheryl made major waves with this style, both by ditching her normal brunette tresses for blonde and by ditching a couple extra inches on her left side. We’re digging the combo with the tousled look. (via Daily Mail)

11. Fearne Cotton: Fearne’s Madonna-esque looks are accentuated with platinum blonde hair in a slightly inverted bob. Forget radio, this style is made for TV. (via Mayo Style)

12. Beyoncé: Bey inspires us in basically every way we can think of. Luckily we have our very own Misty to show us how to copy her style. (via Be Mod)

13. Anne Hathaway: We love seeing celebs pull off more andogynous looks — it’s super haute couture a la Tilda Swinton, and Anne rocks it with asymmetric bang makes us swoon. (via Batman Wikia)

14. Kimberly Caldwell: Kimberly is another celeb who isn’t afraid to go bold with her cut. She makes this look work with lots of volume, Southern girl-style. (via Beauty Riot)

15. Kate Upton: Kate makes her asymmetric bob more subtle with big retro curls. We’re thinking this look is perfect for a Marilyn Halloween costume, and for basically everything else, too. (via The Luxe Life)

20. Cassie Ventura: Minus the potential growing out pains, we adore how Cassie pairs her undercut with long waves. One part rockstar, one part girl next door. (via Piercing 24)

Have you rocked an asymmetric cut? What are your tips for ensuring your stylist gets your vision? Share below!